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Turn Thai Chicken Leftovers Into Lemongrass Soup

  Let’s turn those amazing Thai chicken leftovers into Lemongrass Soup that’s satisfying and filled with flavor.  In researching this recipe, there are two primary styles of this particular Thai soup and both as equally as delicious.  The one we made here is comprised of mostly clear chicken stock but …

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Destination Unknown – Austin Bats

  Tour Date:  10/03/2020 Tour Guide: Elizabeth Dougherty Elizabeth takes us to the Congress Avenue Bridge over Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas, home of one of the largest bat conservatories in the US.  From early spring to late summer, thousands of bats fill the air at sunset looking for …

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Destination Unknown: The Icelandic Phallological Museum

The world is filled with strange, odd, quirky places of interest.  You know, those tourist sites that usually don’t appear on the glossy flyers at the welcome centers.  Each week, Elizabeth takes us on a ride to:  Destination Unknown. For this week’s “Destination Unknown” we travel to Iceland to a …

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