Elizabeth Dougherty comments on the news of the day.


IS COVID 19 A WORLDWIDE FRAUD? Listen to this show highlight and then you decide. We are NOT medical experts.  We are NOT scientists or researchers.  We host a program that looks at the issues facing the restaurant, travel and hospitality industries and we ask questions.  We ask the questions …

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covid death graph ed

ITALIAN PATHOLOGISTS REVEAL FORBIDDEN COVID AUTOPSIES – This is a story that directly affects all in the hospitality industry regarding Covid transmission. Documents obtained by Food and Travel Nation show a study was done by Italian pathologists indicating possible fraud related to Covid cases. This study was initially endorsed by …

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mask dougherty

On Food Nation Radio, we’ve been concerned for months about the long-lasting effects of wearing a mask to help avoid contracting Covid-19.  Now, we’ve uncovered a document, when read and fully comprehended, may change your mind about donning a mask as well.  Read this document for yourself and SHARE it. …

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Shopping Cart – Post Covid-19

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk Shopping Cart – Post Covid-19 It’s a certainty that some of the measures implemented at large grocery stores and big-box retailers during the pandemic will stick around for awhile.  While smaller family-owned retailers, the backbone of our economy pre-Covid 19 were forced to …

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Blue Spruce Christmas Tree Story

Okay, so when your wife wants a real Blue Spruce Christmas Tree, the average, pathetic, Charlie Brown-like tree from the tent stand down the street just won’t do. This is one man’s struggle to find, set-up and then decorate a Blue Spruce Christmas Tree.  From the Food Nation Radio archives …

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Fluoridating Water Is Ridiculous, Outdated And Dangerous

From the Food Nation Radio Archives, Elizabeth spoke with Professor Joe Cummins, Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario about his paper entitled, Water Not Fit to Drink. This paper was written for the Institute of Science in Society. Professor Cummins has written papers in the past at the …

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More thoughts about tips

From the Food Nation Radio Archives: There are quiet revolutions going on in the restaurant world right now. One of them involves the touchy subject of tipping. Until the last couple of years, most upscale dining establishments in the United States had a voluntary gratuity for the service staff. I …

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Chocolate = Aphrodisiac ???

Coconut Mounds - No Bake and Smothered with Dark Chocolate

Someone once said that if a little pill can affect your body, imagine what an entire meal does to it. There are others who claim certain foods have certain effects that might be desirable on say, Valentine’s Day, for instance. I felt compelled (a duty, if you will) to investigate …

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