What’s Really On Your Fork?

these are interviews, highlights etc focusing on contaminants in the food supply.  these stories appear in the scrolling bar on the home page.


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WHERE & HOW TO LISTEN FOOD AND TRAVEL NATION 8AM ET EVERY SATURDAY with ELIZABETH DOUGHERTY The LIVE feed of Food Nation Radio Network/FOOD AND TRAVEL NATION with Elizabeth Dougherty airs Saturday mornings at 8am and replays continuously throughout the week on our exclusive  “Food Nation Radio Audio Channel”  ON …

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Guest: Andre Leu – Avoid ALL “Impossible” Beyond Beef Meat Burger Products

Burger King took the lead among fast food restaurants by introducing its “Impossible Whopper” sandwich nationwide now nearly all fast food chains have followed suit.  Forgetting taste, we wanted to find out for ourselves how safe for human consumption this highly genetically modified sandwich actually is.   Food Nation Radio reached …

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Guest: Miles McEvoy Is “USDA ORGANIC” really Organic?

    Following an interview on the show about the USDA, Food Nation Radio Network’s Michael Serio starts a heated discussion with strong opinions on why people are concerned about the USDA Organic label, who runs the USDA and why the system is in need of a complete overhaul. You …

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The Real Story About GMO’s in the era of FAKE NEWS

We rely upon the news, particularly print journalists, to do research and to write stories that convey all angles so we can have a clear picture of any issue. Recently, the New York Times wrote a piece about genetically modified foods (such as soy, corn, sugar beets and more) we …

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