Wednesday , August 5 2020


Coq Au Vin – Recipe

Cut up a chicken into a “ten piece bucket” add a little wine (okay, a lot of wine) and a few other things. It’s a romantic one-pot dish anyone can make at home. This is a variation on the classic dish from Food Nation Radio Network.      

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Flourless chocolate pecan tart

It’s rich and for serious chocolate-lovers only. Lots of people have gluten concerns or other concerns about too many carbohydrates over the holidays. Here’s a relatively guilt-free dessert. This tart (which is really a take on a sponge cake) still contains sugar, but compared to most desserts on Thanksgiving, this …

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Sweet potato souffle with pecan caramel sauce

I get a little bored with the same old sweet potato dishes on Thanksgiving, don’t you? Instead of the sweet potato pie or casserole you have every year, try this recipe. It’s elegant, not hard to make (although it takes a little love and a little time) and your guests …

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Luxurious Steak Tartare

This is a classic, so nothing about this recipe is original on my part. I don’t even measure the ingredients and you won’t need to either. It is blissful pleasure on toast points in about 10 minutes.

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Souffles Made Easy

These are two of the souffles I make that I have simplified over the years. I don’t make a Bechamel Sauce and I use a simplified version of a Creme Anglaise. Souffles with Bechamel come out very creamy and are not tailored to most American palates, anyway. Try these, and …

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