English Scramble like Denny's used to make
Scrambled eggs with Bechamel sauce over toasted English Muffin

Easy English Scramble Like Denny’s Used To Have



Easy English Scramble Like Denny’s Used To Make is an absolutely terrific way to start the day.  In fact, I used to make this at home when I was in high school for breakfast. The difference between Denny’s English Scramble and what you’ll find at other late-night restaurants is that Denny’s used real eggs to make this, not powdered eggs.  Obviously, it became cost-prohibitive to keep making them, and rather than lower the quality of the dish, they were forced to pull it from the menu.  No matter, with this recipe in hand, you can make this English Scramble like Denny’s used to have at home.

English Scramble like Denny's used to make
Scrambled eggs with Bechamel sauce over toasted English Muffin


The bechamel sauce in this recipe is a “mother sauce” that is versatile, easy to make, and it’s used in several other recipes here on Food Nation Radio.  It always has the same formula no matter what recipe it’s used in and can be used win conjunction with melted cheese to give a creamy, cheesy texture that doesn’t clump up (like cheese does) as it cools.  This is a must-watch video as I mention several cooking school basic tips that you need to know.

Easy English Scramble Like Denny’s Used To Have


8 eggs
2 TB butter
2 TB flour
1/2 green pepper, cut into 1/4″ dice
1 plum tomato, seeded, cut into 1/4″ dice
4 English muffins
1 cup milk
pinch of black pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar


Heat a medium saucepan over moderate heat. Add butter. When it melts, add pepper and tomato. Saute until pepper is soft. Add flour and stir. Raise heat to medium-high and add milk. Whisk until sauce thickens. Take off heat and add cheese and pepper. Stir until cheese is melted. Scramble eggs. Toast muffins. Add two halves of muffin on each plate with some scrambled eggs on top and spoon over some cheese sauce. That didn’t take long, did it?

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  1. I always have scrambled my omelets so when l found this at Denny’s l was a happy camper ⛺️! When it disappeared shortly after I found it, l was not very happy but now l see why. A cost issue.
    I understand, but still. Raise the price like everyone else is doing. It was very very very comforting.

  2. I always wanted to go to Dennys whenever we went to breakfast so I could order the English Scramble it was delicious and I was very upset the they dis continued it still havn’t found out how to make it on my own. I followed a recipe I found on the internet but it was not the recipe..it had green pepper in it and I know the english scramble did NOT have green pepper in it.
    anyone know how they made the sauce???? Please let me know.
    Ruth Hastings

  3. This was a favorite of mine and I was upset when Denny’s removed it from their menu. The original dish was served with two sausage links, as I recall. Now I need to go make this for myself! Thank you for the sauce recipe.

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