Baked, Not Grilled Moroccan Chicken Because of Rain.

Baked, Not Grilled Moroccan Chicken Because of Rain

  Baked, Not Grilled Moroccan Chicken because of rain.  Yes, we marinated the chicken with every intention of grilling it.  The summers are hot and dry in Morocco, but in Florida, our afternoon downpours have a unique way of spoiling a cookout.  So on the fly, we created a different …

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Destination Unknown Marrakesh Morocco

marrakesh ead

Destination Unknown: Marrakesh, Morocco Tour Date:  5/8/2021 Tour Guide: Elizabeth Dougherty Elizabeth takes us to Marrakesh, Morocco on the continent of Africa.  Why?  Because you can find a very odd delicacy made with Sheep’s Brain, plus it gave us a chance to play a snippet of CS&N’s Marrakesh Express! Marrakesh …

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Yellow heirloom gazpacho soup, thinly-sliced marinated sea scallops in lime and fresh tarragon over buttery leeks and pistachio-crusted chicken breast with tangerine salsa over Moroccan couscous

Myth #1: It doesn’t take a thousand ingredients to make an elegant meal. In fact, the simpler it is and the quality of ingredients you use make the difference. Here’s an easy summer menu that highlights this concept

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