Sunday, May 31 2020
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Basil Pesto Risotto You Can Make At Home in 19 Minutes

We love recipes that incorporate fresh basil into them, including our Tomato and Goat Milk Cheese Tart, and Roast Beef with Frey Wine Gravy and too is a favorite.  We’re calling it:  “The 19 Minute Basil Pesto Risotto” for a very good reason; you’ll spend 1 minute making the basil …

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Fast and Tasty Garlic Bread

Fast and Tasty Garlic Bread Take a look at the list of preservatives on a loaf of pre-packaged garlic bread and you’ll see lots of things you probably won’t be able to pronounce. Here’s a quick recipe for Garlic Bread without all the weird ingredients. INGREDIENTS 12 inch loaf of …

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