French toast with a twist and homemade breakfast patties


  This is an easy way to put a new spin on breakfast. It doesn’t take much to make a dish special, just a few extra ingredients here and there. Try making French toast with Italian panettone. Heavenly. PLEASE NOTE: CINNAMON AMOUNT IN VIDEO IS TOO MUCH. USE AT MOST …

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Warning! Now A Threat to our Pork Supply?

Warning Now A Threat to our Pork Supply? – China is largest foreign owner of farmland in the U.S. This week, we discussed some of the possible ramifications of this development and why we are becoming concerned: Warning Now A Threat to our Pork Supply? Audio OH, BUT THERE’S MORE …

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Hot Brats Right Off The Grill

hot brats off the grill

  Nothing hollers summer like hot brats right off the grill. Bratwursts came to places like Wisconsin and Minnesota along with German settlers, and over the past two centuries are now an American classic.  But as we’ve discovered, there are three distinct rules for selecting and cooking brats: Hot Brats …

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Kentucky Hot Brown, Kentucky Burgoo and Mint Juleps Recipes

julep ead

  Hot brown yummy! It’s Derby time and the event is filled with tradition. Here are a few time-tested dishes for the big race. “AND THEY’RE OFF!” Ingredients – Hot Brown for Two (you can multiply this recipe for more) 2 large slices good quality bread 1 stick of slightly …

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