VIDEO: Serio Cooks! – British Pasty

pasty Michael Serio

BRITISH PASTY Small, half-moon shaped “pies” filled with meat and veggies. It’s an idea that’s spread across all culinary cultures and nearly all four corners of the globe. In Italy they’re called Calzones, Hispanics call then Empanadas, Russians love their Pirozhki, and in don’t visit an Indian restaurant without trying …

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Beef Wellington

You might be wondering how you could ever pull off making your own Beef Wellington at home. The truth is, there’s no magic to it. It just takes a couple of extra steps and you’ll have a tender, flavorful steak embellished with pastry and sauteed mushrooms. If your mouth isn’t …

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It’s high time for high tea

We are all so busy these days, it’s no wonder we’ve forgotten how to make tea in the old-world way. These are some quick recipes to put together a traditional teatime for your friends along with the proper way to make tea. There’s something to be said for making time …

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