Homemade Northern Italian Manicotti

homemade manicotti

Homemade Northern Italian Manicotti is Way Better than it’s southern Italian cousin.  Here’s the difference.  Let’s walk through the steps. INGREDIENTS -Homemade Northern Italian Manicotti 4 manicotti tubes or Elizabeth’s Homemade Crepes  1 cup shredded parmesan cheese 1 cup of Food Nation Radio’s Ricotta Cheese 1 beaten large egg 2 …

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Fast and Tasty Garlic Bread

Fast and Tasty Garlic Bread Take a look at the list of preservatives on a loaf of pre-packaged garlic bread and you’ll see lots of things you probably won’t be able to pronounce. Here’s a quick recipe for Garlic Bread without all the weird ingredients. INGREDIENTS 12 inch loaf of …

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