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It starts off innocently with just a sprinkle of salt on your favorite food to “bring out the flavor” and over the course of time, a sprinkle just isn’t enough.  The next thing you know, your cardiologist is telling you that you’re facing heart surgery, your ankles are swollen, your …

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Christmas Goose with Morel/Herb “stuffing” & Blood Orange Gastrique

We challenged readers and listeners to come up with the best Christmas menu this year. Isn’t that more fun than telling you what to make? This goose was the very epitome of savory and the stuffing (made as dressing, separately) was truly outstanding. These are recipes to be filed away for …

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Chocolate! Pots de Creme

I apologize. I really do. This is really unfair, but once you try this Pots de Creme you will be ruined. Nothing will taste this good if you love chocolate. Quick recipe: Before you put a small saucepan on the heat, whisk 3 egg yolks, 4 TB sugar, 1/8 tsp …

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Steak with a Zing (and Zang, too)

Do you want to impress your friends with a gourmet, quick breakfast? Zing Zang is not just for the Bloody Mary; it’s a great ingredient in lots of dishes and full of flavor! This is a low-carb zesty way to start the day! Ingredients (for four people) 4 eggs 1 …

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Elizabeth’s AMAZING Cornbread, Winter Weather Chili, Dip & Apple Pie

Winter weather chili, cornbread, dip & apple pie. This weekend, try this make-ahead menu so you have time to spend with friends… Check it out! The chili has a great depth of flavor due to the addition of a little (not too much) semisweet chocolate, the cornbread is moist and …

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