Server’s Revenge

Server’s Revenge is an opportunity for restaurant and hospitality workers to speak out about YOU… customer.

Next time you’re in a restaurant look around… diners are using their phones to upload pictures and stories about the places they visit and the foods they eat.  Sometimes the tales about the restaurants and servers are true, but often times, it’s just a bunch of hot air and the servers take the brunt of unwarranted criticism.

That’s why we created “Server’s Revenge” as an opportunity for service industry workers to say what they REALLY think about their guests.


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SERVERS REVENGE 10-09-21 SERVERS REVENGE 10-09-21 – a culinary school graduate gets his first ever job and demands to be called “chef” – when a server tells you they’re “out of shrimp” you should believe it. – why some restaurants no longer take reservations ### About: I have been cooking …

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