Farmer Mike’s Chicken Update

Farmer Mikes Chicken Update

  Welcome to Farmer Mike’s Chicken Update.  We’ll keep this page updated to show you the trials and tribulations of raising chickens in your own backyard! In this series of updates,  we are going to talk about the right food, water and shelter for raising egg-laying hens. There’s always a …

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The Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty Radio Show is now available on Live365. You can download the Live365 app to your iPhone or Android mobile device.   Then search and save Food And Travel Nation as a favorite. Listen ANYWHERE (including your car) Download it from the Apple Store …

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Hibiscus Tea

This weekend, I had the opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful hibiscus flowers I’ve ever seen. It was the Hibiscus Show at the Pinellas Park Auditorium. Enthusiasts and cultivators from all over the State of Florida gathered to pay homage to a flower that rivals even the exquisite …

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Veal Torta and Gateau de Crepes

This torta not only looks pretty when served but it’s easy to make. You have to factor in a couple of hours for it to set in the refrigerator though, so assemble it the night before or a couple of hours before baking. For the dessert, if you want a …

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