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Food Nation Radio Show 04-27-19

A departure from the normal fun and playful nature of Food Nation Radio… we do NOT like doing this type of show but it’s necessary.  The Washington State legislature has passed a bill that would allow human composting.  What does this mean for the future of humankind?  We also help …

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Food Nation Radio Show 04-20-19

Hard to believe that local government would give people a hard time about growing veggies in their own front yards, but this is Florida and now the legislature is involved.  A bill would allow a homeowner to grow veggies on their own front lawn, and would prohibit local government from …

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Food Nation Radio Show 04-13-19

There’s only one way to survive the visits next week from family members that are disagreeable… it’s called “Boozy Easter!”  On this episode, lots of ideas to add a special ingredients that makes every dish a bit more fun and less stressful.

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Food Nation Radio Show 03-30-19

On this edition… people are putting pressure on their state legislatures to allow the consumption of “roadkill” and we had the oddest call about how to cook a raccoon.  Plus, why hospital food is so bad, restaurant servers are MAD today, and in our food tasting segment, we give you …

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Food Nation Radio Show 3-23-19

Our first show on Bud 94.1 here in Orlando.  Elizabeth came up with a terrific recipe for Easter Ham… and we have a perfect place to order it from.  We look at Budweiser’s claims of corn syrup in other beers and in this week’s taste test… we put raisin bran …

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Right now on the Food Nation Radio 24/7 Audio Channel, we dug deep into the archives for  “Throwback Thursday.” You’ll hear highlights, interviews and sound clips that go back to the earliest days of this show.   Enjoy.  BTW a quick reminder… this Saturday morning at 9am,  Food Nation makes …

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