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02/17/2024:  The government is set to release MILLIONS of the 2024 version of genetically modified mosquitos.  Knowing what we know now, does this concern you?  It should!  Elizabeth has the latest update.  Plus, Florida is taking steps to ban fake meat products, the “Big Guy” in DC complains about “shrinkflation,” meanwhile Tucker takes us on a grocery trip in Moscow.  You’ll also hear about falling bugs (maggots) from the luggage compartment of a plane,  about the love/hate relationship restaurant workers have with Valentine’s Day, and the amazing health benefits of coffee.  In our “Destination Unknown” segment this week, Elizabeth takes us to a museum in Key West that explores a few hundred years of shipwrecks.

02/10/2024:  There’s a big football game being played in Las Vegas on Sunday, so Elizabeth has a list of “Food Tours” that should be on your Bucket List.  As we saw with the conviction and incarceration of the head of Peanut Corporation of America, corporate executives who knowingly sell contaminated foods can be dealt with severely.  Elizabeth asks the question, should restaurant chefs be held responsible for creating menu items containing food products that are unsafe?  In the travel hour, a very troubling story that we are watching closely.  Shortly after takeoff, an airline passenger began bleeding from his mouth and nose, and continued until he died in his seat.  None of the other passengers on the plane were isolated, but instead, were allowed to continue on their journeys while a cause of death was determined.  Those passengers (and anyone coming into contact with them) could be at risk!    In her Destination Unknown segment, Elizabeth takes us to downtown St. Petersburg, Florida for a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum.

02/05/2024:  A special Monday edition of the show.  Elizabeth has the latest Food News, (including the story of how the government is now coming after your electric stoves and ovens) then you’ll hear how a bizarre concoction of chemicals are being turned into lab-grown “meat.”  If you haven’t tried it… don’t, and be sure to share this segment with those who do eat this horrible stuff.  We asked Chat GPT to write our Servers Revenge audio clips this week, and it’s clear that artificial intelligence is NOT in touch with the average working class American!  Our Taste Test focuses on Stuffed grape leaves, (also known as dolmas) a staple of the Mediterranean world.  In the  Travel Hour, you’ll hear how the thrill is gone from Airline Debacles, now knowing how the government is ABUSING American travelers and how Washington controls nearly every aspect of road travel.  Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to a small town in South Central Florida where Solomon built a castle out of unwanted items.

01/27/24:  If you only download and listen to one podcast, it should be this one.  After Elizabeth’s Food & Travel News Updates, her two big stories are both VERY troubling.  In the food hour of the show, you’ll hear about a mystery substance that may or may not be used as a food additive, or may or may not be used in the food production process as a flavor enhancer.  We don’t know because we can’t get a straight answer!  It’s as if it’s use is intentionally being obfuscated.  HEK 293 is reportedly from the cell line of an aborted fetus from the early 1970’s.  Setting aside the horrific moral and legal issues, is it possible that human cells are being inserted into the foods we eat to enhance the flavor?  In the travel hour, over the past three years, we’ve presented a feature called “Airline Debacles” where we’ve documented some of the weird incidents on planes and airports and they almost always end with the arrest of individuals involved and their placement on the airline’s/government’s “NO FLY LIST.” What we’ve witnessed is the “Weaponization of the No Fly List,” and the advancements of the so-called Justice Department’s selective enforcement of the law.  In her Destination Unknown Segment, Elizabeth takes us to the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose, California.

1/20/24:  After the latest Food News (Starbucks is facing a BIG lawsuit) and Servers Revenge (a restaurant worker blasts a co-worker) you’ll hear the call Elizabeth made to RFK Jr on Coast to Coast.  Mr. Kennedy gave an amazing answer to the corruption of the food supply in this country and the complicity of the United States federal government.  Elizabeth has a list of foods served at McDonald’s restaurants around the world that are not available here, and our taste test focuses (through lots of tears) on raw onions.  In the Travel Hour, you’ll hear a bizarre episode of Airline Debacles, cold-weather camping tips, and in her Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us to 10 places around the world you think would be un-affordable, but instead are very affordable.

01/13/2024:  For the past few years, we’ve heard the saying, “watch the water,” and the more we look at what’s in the water, the more concerned we’ve become. After an update on the latest food news, Elizabeth shares some recent information that’s emerged regarding the public drinking water.  You’ll hear what’s being done here and in the UK, and once again, it seems humanity is being used as test subjects for some very disturbing experiments.  With all the turmoil in the world, Elizabeth shares a list of foods may be more difficult to find in 2024, and our taste test zeros in on sugar wafer cookies.  In the travel hour, Elizabeth has the latest travel news (and winter warnings) and our RV Tips includes a list places you can visit in January.  Then you’ll hear how, with the new technology in the airports, it may indeed be possible to predict which airline passengers may become “unruly” and Elizabeth talks about changes in the travel industry and how it’s become increasingly more difficult to get a refund when vacation plans change.  Finally, Elizabeth takes us to South Florida where a jilted man spent his life creating a stone tribute to the young woman who broke his heart.

01/08/2024:  Once again, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack’s armed thugs have invaded and raided an Amish farm, confiscating and destroying food products and trampling of the religious liberties of an Amish community that just wants to be left alone.  Elizabeth says it’s time for this to STOP!  In this show, you’ll also hear how suncreen may not be healthy for you and how people are taking advantage of the kindness of strangers to steal from grocery stores.  Our Taste Test this week looks at those $1 hot sauces now available in big box stores, and Elizabeth takes us to the Top 10 Cities around the world ranked on their amazing food offerings.

01/01/2024:  While others were sleeping off the News Years Eve fireworks, we brought you the first show of the new year.  Elizabeth has a troubling story about “zee bugs” and why bug-based food products being forced upon us are actually very dangerous, and how the exoskeleton of the insects could poison some of us.  Elizabeth has and interesting take on those white trails in the sky, and how the consequences could be far worse.  We’re not being told something big is happening in regards to the weather, you can feel it!  In our airline debacles, the story of how an airlines took a six year old boy to the wrong airport, and because of the events of our taste test exactly one year ago, (champagne) this year as 2023 ends in the history books and we begin 2024, the champagne is non-alcoholic!  Let’s have a safe 2024.

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Elizabeth Dougherty has been cooking and writing about food intensively for more than ten years. She is the fourth generation of chefs and gourmet grocers in her family with her mother, Francesca Esposito and grandmother, Carmella being major influences in her early cooking years. As a teenager, her family sent her to Europe where she became focused on French and Italian cuisine. She survived a year and half of culinary tutelage under a maniacal Swiss-German chef and is a graduate of NYIT, Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Business and Labor Relations. Food Nation Radio has won two news awards for content. Broadcasting LIVE each week, nationwide, on and stations around the country.

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