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It is not hard to make artisanal-quality pizza at home. Here are a few pointers, and then we will get to the recipes. First, buy a good quality pizza stone, or you can use quarry tiles cut to fit a rack in your oven. You can also use untreated granite …

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My Mom’s Amazing Meatball Recipe

I was recently reading about the meatball championships they have in different cities each year. If you are meatball-challenged, my mom’s recipe for meatballs will change your life. I’m “paying it forward” for Mother’s Day and sharing it with you. Here’s a meatball that will make your mom proud! I’m …

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Most English-only Americans do know a few words in Spanish; chihuahua, quesadilla,  and of course, el bano.   One of the words we’ve heard (and used frequently) is “cojones” and if you’re not familiar with the word, that’s okay, you’ll figure it out.  Elizabeth used that word on the show this …

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Serious Issues vs Kim K’s Bottom

IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW – LISTEN ON DEMAND – AIRDATE:  7/11/16 So for two hours and fifty minutes we talked about: – The new threat to America from the son of Osama Bin Laden – How the government has lied and hid the truth about Bin Laden’s death – …

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