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Trends in GMO Labeling

Photo:Flicker.com Trends in GMO Labeling Special to The Dougherty Report Due to the controversy surrounding GMO foods, the Center for Food Safety submitted a legal petition to the Food and Drug Administration. This was in regard to the labeling of all GMO foods that find their way into the marketplace. …

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Guest: David Curtis – California Candidate Will Revoke Biz Licenses Of GMO Seed Companies

This week, Food Nation Radio Network talked with David Curtis, candidate for Secretary of State in the State of California. He is running for office with a purpose in mind; getting rid of companies like Monsanto currently conducting business in the State. Monsanto was against Proposition 37, a proposed initiative …

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Guest: Elizabeth Larter – Washington State Takes GMO Labeling Vote To The People

Genetically modified foods could require labeling in the State of Washington if a ballot initiative to label these foods is ratified by the citizens in November of this year. We spoke with Elizabeth Larter, Communications Director for Yes on 522 on getting out the vote and informing local residents. Here’s …

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Guest: Dr. Kayla Daniel – Canola Oil’s Connection To Heart Lesions

This is important information for people who still believe Canola is one of the healthiest oils around. Food Nation Radio Network spoke with Dr. Kaayla Daniel about Canola and some better alternatives. Here’s what she had to say: About Dr. Daniel (from her website):  Dr. Daniel earned her PhD in …

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Guest: Jeffrey Smith – New Study Shows That Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Corn Is Dangerous

Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology explains exactly how Monsanto’s genetically modified corn is toxic to humans, according to a new French study from the University of Caen. In the stunning audio below, Smith details how this corn is designed to rupture the stomach of insects and what …

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