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Guest: Andre Leu – Avoid ALL “Impossible” Beyond Beef Meat Burger Products

Burger King took the lead among fast food restaurants by introducing its “Impossible Whopper” sandwich nationwide now nearly all fast food chains have followed suit.  Forgetting taste, we wanted to find out for ourselves how safe for human consumption this highly genetically modified sandwich actually is.   Food Nation Radio reached …

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Is Your Meal Replacement Bar Healthy?

From the Food Nation Radio Archives: Let’s face it. There’s not always time to sit down and eat a meal in our fast-paced world. As much as I love to try new delicacies and interesting restaurants, sometimes I opt for a meal replacement bar. There are many brands of food …

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Guest: David Curtis – California Candidate Will Revoke Biz Licenses Of GMO Seed Companies

From the Food Nation Radio Interview Archives:  Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with David Curtis, the Green Party candidate for Secretary of State in the State of California in 2014. He ran for office with a specific purpose in mind; getting rid of companies like Monsanto currently conducting business in the State. …

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Guest: Elizabeth Larter – Washington State Takes GMO Labeling Vote To The People

Dr Azevedo - Monsanto's Sloppy Practices

Genetically modified foods could require labeling in the State of Washington if a ballot initiative to label these foods is ratified by the citizens in November of this year. From the Food Nation Radio Interview Archives: Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with  Elizabeth Larter, Communications Director for Yes on 522 on getting …

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Guest: Dr. Kaayla Daniel – Canola Oil’s Connection To Heart Lesions


From the Food Nation Radio Archives:  This is important information for people who still believe Canola is one of the healthiest oils around. Food Nation Radio spoke with Dr. Kaayla Daniel about Canola and some better alternatives.  Listen to what she had to say: About Dr. Daniel (from her website): …

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Stepping out onto the precipice of the GMO controversy

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I remember driving through Kansas. As far as the eye could see were fields of wheat, softly swaying in the breeze. The sky was so blue it was almost azure. The sun shone brightly over the heartland of America. The occasional silo interrupted the blanket of gold; a reminder that …

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