Food and Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty
The TRUTH about Food and Travel
Broadcast Date:  4/26/23

No one seems to want to address the issue head on, so Elizabeth will.

Various metals are showing up in our food and water supply.

As we’re becoming more aware of what’s being done around us, and to us, it’s time to ask some serious questions about the long-term effects of these metals, and what’s actually being done to our environment, and our bodies.

Take for example:

Several years ago, weather watcher Dane Wiggington from GeoEngineering Watch.org along with ranchers in Shasta County, California, noticed a dramatic increase of aluminum particles found in the soil. In this podcast, you’ll hear their comments at a county commission meeting.

As increased levels of aluminum have been detected in the soil, Monsanto is creating aluminum resistant seeds.

Nano particles are being discovered in our food supply.

Since 1945, fluoride has been injected into the public water supply to stop cavities, but now there are grave questions about what the neurotoxin fluoride is actually doing in our water.

And we must stand up and ask, what’s actually in those vaccines.

While we’re witnessing firsthand, what appears to be the systematics poisoning of humans through our food and water supply.  At the same time, ecologists are reporting ecological system collapses.

Several years ago, weather watchers and ranchers in Shasta County, California noticed a dramatic increase of aluminum particles found in the soil.

These troubling signs are not part of conspiracy theories, but rather it’s a growing body of evidence that something far more sinister is underway.

It’s all interrelated.

So if you’re going to have an intellectual discussion about the effects of the detection of these metals,  it’s mandatory to have an honest discussion that involves how these metals got there… and why.

At what point do we look around and say, enough is enough.


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Elizabeth Dougherty has been cooking and writing about food intensively for more than ten years. She is the fourth generation of chefs and gourmet grocers in her family with her mother, Francesca Esposito and grandmother, Carmella being major influences in her early cooking years. As a teenager, her family sent her to Europe where she became focused on French and Italian cuisine. She survived a year and half of culinary tutelage under a maniacal Swiss-German chef and is a graduate of NYIT, Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Business and Labor Relations. Food And Travel Nation has won two news awards for content. Broadcasting LIVE each week, nationwide, on FoodNationRadio.com and stations around the country.

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