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Creative Commons                          IS GRAPHENE OXIDE IN FOOD WATER AND JABS?

Graphene oxide has been studied for use in nanotechnology.

We break down the uses of it and why it may be dangerous:

And no, nothing on the market contains 99% graphene oxide except for graphene oxide. So, be careful when you read how the fact-checkers debunk this evidence. Either they don’t know about this, or they are misstating this on purpose.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if companies disclosed the ingredients on their product lists and inserts? Studies have already been done on using it in humans for all sorts of reasons, even though it’s so toxic, it shouldn’t be given to pets.

Until they disclose, it might be helpful to read THIS and THIS 

It has been identified in numerous products under high-powered microscopy  (all discussed in the sound clip). It does not naturally occur in these products.

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IS GRAPHENE OXIDE IN FOOD WATER AND JABS ?  – The “hot new thing” that’s being tested in food production. It is graphene oxide. In addition, it’s conductive.



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  1. Let’s do something about this PLEASE before it is too late! Join The Graphene Oxide Free Association and help to fight the inclusion of this substance in our food and water. GOFA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established to give the people information and a voice.

  2. Yep. Our bodies are also filled with heavy metals, biosynthetic nano and parasites, and chemicals such as bromine because it is in all the stuff they are dropping. I don’t see how people are so naive to believe that the high altitude chemical trails left over by JETS are actual contrails or condensation trails and the left over remnants are “clouds.” Clouds lay at a lower altitude and they are puffy and formed. They don’t look like smeared milk across the sky. This is 4th grade science. Where I used to live, right on the dot, every morning at the same time, jets were flying overhead dropping that stuff and they would fly in patterns. The trails would often look like patchwork and it was EVERY day except Sunday. What is funny is that area was very residential but was also a few miles from a national forest where internet signal and cell service were extremely low to non-existent. For at least 10 miles, cell service was dead air going through the forest but The last time I drove through there, I never lost cell service and there was a 5g tower literally every 30 to 50 feet. This is the whole point of star link. It is to keep internet everywhere and mobile to control people. They are attempting to turn us into biosynthetic robots and certain frequencies, specifically from cell phones can transmit energy and such as things from a spirit realm or entities that lay on the other planes. Things that we don’t have all the answers or explanations for The chemtrails is how “covid” spread so quickly. It’s in everything and I believe researchers found that the biosynthetic nanoparasites actually thrive off of graphene oxide, that is helps them grow faster. The frequencies from the 5g towers are what cause them to grow and multiply just like regular parasites. But it is also the frequencies from everything else around us. The rate of cancer and disease went up substantially when vaccines and technology started being commonly mainstream. I am convinced that childhood vaccines are how I ended up with juvenile type 1 diabetes. They have been poisoning us for eons but at least there are some that know the truth.

  3. I figure they are adding it to the soup they spray over our heads. If everybody was tested for it we all probably already have it in our bodies.
    We need to start bringing charges against these evil bastards.

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