Which Foods May Be Genetically Modified? Here’s A List





1. Corn – Nearly all corn in this country (except popcorn, at this writing) is genetically modified and you have to buy organic corn or organic corn products to avoid eating the modified versions. It’s also fed to chickens, cows and other livestock as vegetarian feed.

2. Soy – Nearly all soy in this country is genetically modified and you have to buy organic soy or organic soy products to avoid eating the modified versions. It’s also fed to chickens, cows and other livestock as vegetarian feed.

3. Sugar – Unless sugar is listed as cane sugar and/or organic, it is probably beet sugar, which could be genetically modified.

4. Squash (zucchini & yellow) – Some zucchini and yellow squash are modified. Buy organic.

5. Papayas – If you are buying them commercially, they are most likely GMO. Buy organic or from a source you trust.

6. Dairy – Some of the dairy supply contains rBGH which is a GMO growth hormone. It has been implicated in several health problems, including cancer.

7. Canola oil – Touted as healthier oil and margarine, canola is largely genetically modified. Stick with olive, grapeseed, safflower, coconut or other organic oil.

8. Aspartame – This artificial sweetener is made from GMO bacteria. Use organic cane sugar.

NEW- 9. Alfalfa grass – Fed to grass-fed beef, you should only buy meat that is grass-fed if it is organic.

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