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Published 06/26/16 More fallout from “Brexit” to consider.  International investors concerned about the purchase of British real estate may look at buying American assets instead.  Could we see an influx of buyers in our big cities and even here in Central Florida?  Time will tell.  Elizabeth also has some thoughts …

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Who is Listening to You Near Your Home?

In Baltimore this week, the Public Defender’s office is seeking review of over 2,000 cases that were prosecuted with the use of the controversial Stingray device. This device is used by law enforcement and mimics a cell tower, picking up the cell information from your home. It is currently unknown …

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That Tasty Filet Might Contain a Nasty Secret

Before you order that expensive filet, listen to our interview on “meat glue” because it’s back in the news. We interviewed Attorney Bill Marler a couple of years ago about “meat glue” and why there are possible safety concerns associated with consuming it. Marler is best known as the attorney in …

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New Year’s Eve Hot Pot

I don’t how you feel, but I’m pretty stuffed after all this holiday food. You know, the cookies, the cakes, the pies; it is just too much. Here’s a recipe that is light but tasty. If you are having guests for New Year’s Eve, this is a fun way to …

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