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LA Says Your Kids Are Fat

There’s no “gentle” way to say it. This week on Food Nation Radio Network, we learned the LA school system sending home letters to parents saying 20% of the kids in early grades are “obese”. Listen to this ridiculous story with sound clips and a description of the nutrition film star …

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Guest: Atty Nathan Hansen – Jury Refuses To Convict Raw Milk Farmer

From the Food Nation Radio Interview Archives: Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with Attorney Nathan Hanson about his defense of a raw milk farmer in Minnesota which ended in jury nullification. In other words, although the farmer did not comply with some of the laws regarding raw milk, the jury found the …

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Here’s What The Proposed National GMO Bill REALLY Says

This week on Food Nation Radio Network, we read the proposed national bill to label GMOs. There are some good points about it, but there are also some concerning exceptions you should know about, as consumers who will be affected by this legislation. We’ll also preview an interview we have …

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