Halloween Menu

Here’s an easy Halloween menu for today. It’s easy but a little decadent too. Roasted pumpkin risotto, lobster vol-au-vent, deviled eggs and tiramisu fudge round out the menu. Enjoy!    

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Pumpkin mascarpone pancetta dip

Tired of the same old football dip recipes? Try this one for something upscale and  a little different. It’s sweet, hot, the pancetta is crispy and mascarpone is creamy. It takes 5 minutes to make with softened mascarpone.      

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Frittata on a Sunday

When you don’t have time to do a big Sunday dinner, here’s a savory lunch dish. It takes five minutes to put together and well worth it. The key here is cooking it without overcooking or under-cooking it. It should be pliable to the touch but no liquid should be …

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