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DON’T BUY INTO THE NEW YEAR’S DIET HYPE Eat What You Want and Stop Feeling Guilty! Every year we are bombarded with ads on television and radio chiding us about our eating habits and making us generally feel badly about the fun we had over the holidays. I used to …

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A Former Pharmaceutical Rep Speaks Out

Food Nation Radio & The Dougherty Report recently spoke with Brandy Vaughan, a former pharmaceutical representative who founded the Council for Vaccine Safety.  When working in the pharma industry, Brandy sold Vioxx, a painkiller that was later found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks and was eventually …

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Guest: Dr. Cagan Randall – Have Modified Foods Modified Our Thoughts and Moods?

If you think you’re hearing more advertising and seeing seeing more products on the grocery shelves with added “probiotics”  you’re right… it’s one of the buzz words in the food industry right now.  Why are food manufacturers suddenly so interested in making sure that we, as consumers, have the proper …

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As I write this, it’s after midnight and instead of sleeping, my wife Elizabeth Dougherty is in another room listening to music.  She is “recharging” after yet another long day and recharging is the best word I can use to describe it.  I’ve learned over the years to give her …

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Professor Joe Cummins – Dead at 82

Our earliest interviews on the topic of GMOs were with Professor Joe Cummins.  These conversations included eye-opening news that field tests were underway designed to deliver vaccines via genetically modified foods.  Professor Joe Cummins has lost his battle with cancer.  He was 82. This weekend on The Dougherty Report, we …

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Elizabeth Calls The US Embassy in Tokyo

Elizabeth Dougherty called the US Embassy in Tokyo to find out the latest in regards to her cousin Ric O’Barry.  Since we could not secure permission to record the call for broadcast, here is a transcription of that conversation.    (“ED” of course is Elizabeth Dougherty, “CAMERON” works at the US …

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