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The masks and the yelling. It seems like every industry is clawing its way back from the craziness of 2020’s lockdowns with a renewed focus on customer service…. except one… THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY. Every week we share the best (or worst) stories of how airline, airport and TSA agents are …

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Destination Unknown Marrakesh Morocco

marrakesh ead

Destination Unknown: Marrakesh, Morocco Tour Date:  5/8/2021 Tour Guide: Elizabeth Dougherty Elizabeth takes us to Marrakesh, Morocco on the continent of Africa.  Why?  Because you can find a very odd delicacy made with Sheep’s Brain, plus it gave us a chance to play a snippet of CS&N’s Marrakesh Express! Marrakesh …

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Destination Unknown: The Icelandic Phallological Museum

The world is filled with strange, odd, quirky places of interest.  You know, those tourist sites that usually don’t appear on the glossy flyers at the welcome centers.  Each week, Elizabeth takes us on a ride to:  Destination Unknown. For this week’s “Destination Unknown” we travel to Iceland to a …

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