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Guests: Stacie Orell / Larry Cooper – NY & Colorado Poised to Label GMOs – Audio

For the past 18 months, Food Nation Radio has followed the efforts to label genetically modified foods in Washington State.  While the ballots have been counted and the results were not what we had hoped for, in our opinion the final outcome of I-522 is still unknown.  An activist group …

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Guest: Tara Cook Littman – GMO Labeling Passed In Connecticut

Tara Cook Littman spearheaded a GMO labeling bill in Connecticut that was passed by a wide margin. Food Nation Radio Network talked with her about how she got the job done. This is truly a roadmap for other states to follow. Here’s what she had to say: About Tara Cook …

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Why The Florida GMO Labeling Bill Won’t Be Heard – Audio

This week on Food Nation Radio Network we talked about the inherent conflict of interest we discovered among one of the Representatives responsible for putting the GMO labeling bill on the agenda. It involves the field testing of GMO citrus. Follow the money and listen here: We’d love to be …

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