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SATURDAY 5PM ET GMO FRUIT AND MERCURY plus server’s revenge, airline debacles and our taste test U SATURDAY 5PM ET GMO FRUIT AND MERCURY The LIVE feed of Food Nation Radio Network/FOOD AND TRAVEL NATION with Elizabeth Dougherty airs Saturday mornings at 8am and replays continuously throughout the week on …

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That Tasty Filet Might Contain a Nasty Secret

  Before you order that expensive filet, listen to our interview on “meat glue” because it’s back in the news. From the Food Nation Radio Interview Archives: Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with an attorney a couple of years ago about “meat glue” and why there are possible safety concerns associated with …

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Guest: Atty Bill Marler – Criminal Prosecution Of Food CEOs

We recently interviewed Attorney Bill Marler on Food Nation Radio Network about food CEOs and why criminal charges were brought against Stewart Parnell, former CEO of Peanut Corporation of America and former member of the Peanut Board at the USDA. Marler is best known as the attorney in the Jack …

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