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I scored some great-looking steaks, so I wanted to share how I prepare them, along with some quick grill side items: sweet non-gmo corn and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms. No need to measure everything, really, Just have fun! These came out SO tender. See video for some extra tips.


Thick cut New York strip steaks

Large portobello mushrooms

Herbed goat cheese

Non gmo ears of corn, partially husked

seasoning salt

good quality butter

Dessert – Chocolate Almond Macaroons


Let steaks come up to almost room temperature

Pat dry on both sides

season with your favorite seasoning salt

Grill on medium high heat to desired doneness (see video)

(firm to the touch is well done, some give is medium, rare has very little firmness)

While steaks are cooking, season corn and place on top rack

finish corn on main grill while steaks rest

While finishing corn, put mushrooms, cheese side up on top rack, pull off when cheese is soft

Add a pat of butter to steaks and hot corn.

Serve and offer these macaroons after dinner.



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