Guest: Joel Dyer of Boulder Weekly – Contaminated Public Lands

Boulder, Colorado is considered one of the hotbeds of the genetically modified food controversy in America. GMOs are plants that have been modified for specific reasons, such as to produce their own insecticide or so they can be sprayed with RoundUp (an herbicide) and continue to live and grow. Most of the corn and soy grown in this country has been genetically modified and appears in up to 70% of processed foods. The majority of Americans want genetically modified foods labeled so they know what they are buying. There is no law in this country requiring GMOs to be labeled.

Boulder is the home of a stretch of land called “open space” or public lands used by different farmers (with permission) to grow crops. Who do you think is using the “open space” right now? We asked Joel Dyer, Editor of the Boulder Weekly to give us the lowdown in an interview we broadcast this week. (Paul Danish, Columnist at the Boulder Weekly appeared previously on Food And Travel Nation Network. A portion of his interview is also included in this audio.)

Joel Dyer has a long history as an accomplished journalist. According to the Boulder Weekly, “Dyer, whose work has appeared in national publications such as The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Vanity Fair, U.S. News & World Report and Mother Jones, is also the author of two books: Harvest Of Rage: Why Oklahoma City Is Only The Beginning andPerpetual Prisoner Machine: How America Profits From Crime.

His investigative reporting has landed him in the national spotlight on news programs like The Today Show, Nightline, Good Morning America, ABC, NBC and CBS nightly newscasts, 48 Hours and The Editors. He was called to testify before the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism in 1996 and has won numerous journalism awards.”

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