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Guest: Caleb Dalley – Sugarcane Is Sprayed With Glyphosate To Ripen It


We’ve told you about genetically modified sugar beets and encouraged folks to eat pure sugarcane instead. Now, we are concerned about new information we discovered about a process designed to increase the profitability of sugarcane crops. We want to share this information with you. Thanks to a listener who sent …

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Guest: Dr Jonathan Lundgren – USDA Researcher Calls For Further Testing Of GMOs


From the Food Nation Radio Interview Archives: Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with Dr. Jonathan Lundgren, Research Entomologist at the National Central Agricultural Research Facility in Brookings, South Dakota for the USDA. We had a very frank discussion about the status of GMOs currently, possible effects on the dwindling bee pollinator population, …

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Guest: Prof Emeritus Don Huber – Why GMOs Are Unsafe

huber elizabeth dougherty

This week on the Food And Travel Nation we spoke with Professor Don Huber who has identified an unknown entity in genetically modified corn. Concurrent with that discovery and research, he has found several very serious health effects from consuming GMO plants. There are currently bills in front of the House …

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