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June, 2011

  • 3 June

    Once you go Brazilian…

    If you want to make a romantic lobster dish that’s a little different, check out my recipe for butter-poached lobster with red wine fettuccine in caviar sauce. It’s an easy dish you can make at home to “wow” your friends, family or date.

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  • 3 June

    Party-sized, addictive Arroz con Pollo nachos

    I just want you to know as I’m writing this, I’m eating these nachos. They are THAT good. Please excuse the crumbs. There’s no need for saffron in this casual dish. The achiote oil lends a great Latin flavor to these Florida-style nachos.

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March, 2011

  • 9 March

    The Ultimate Meatballs

    THE ULTIMATE MEATBALL If you have ever tried to make a meatball correctly, you know how important this recipe is. The “meatball recipe” in my family was a secret for many years! I just learned how to make them the right way through trial and error three or four years …

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March, 0202

  • 16 March

    St. Patrick’s Day Myths And Tasty Recipes

    St. Patrick’s Day is coming and the Leprechauns are feeling frisky! A cozy Irish meal, a pint of Guinness (or a nice Cabernet for the less brave), and a heavenly dessert will lead you over the rainbow to a romantic Irish evening. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Irish …

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