Monday, July 13 2020
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  GAI YANG (THAI GRILLED CHICKEN) is without a doubt, one of the best, most moist chicken recipes you’ll ever make.  Coming from Thailand, Gai Yang uses a butcher’s cut called spathcocking, the chicken cooks faster, more evenly and without the typical waste of cooking a whole chicken.  We let …

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Basil Pesto Risotto You Can Make At Home in 19 Minutes

We love recipes that incorporate fresh basil into them, including our Tomato and Goat Milk Cheese Tart, and Roast Beef with Frey Wine Gravy and too is a favorite.  We’re calling it:  “The 19 Minute Basil Pesto Risotto” for a very good reason; you’ll spend 1 minute making the basil …

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Sexy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sexy chocolate chip cookies

SEXY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE One of my favorites recipes: Sexy Chocolate Chip Cookies . Over the years we’ve tried dozens of cookie recipes, turns out the most amazing chocolate chip cookie just needed once certain ingredient.  In this culinary secret, the addition of one ingredient, egg whites, gives additional …

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Tangy Orange Pork Barbecue Sandwich

Tangy Orange Pork Barbecue Sandwich For your next sports event, here’s a crowd-pleaser I made for a party one year. It cooks itself into tender, shreddable pork and the sweet, tangy barbecue sauce that I’ve developed over the years is a real winner!             Ingredients …

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