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Fluoridating Water Is Ridiculous, Outdated And Dangerous

Fluoridating Water Is Outdated And Dangerous. From the Food Nation Radio Archives, Elizabeth spoke with Professor Joe Cummins, Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario about his paper entitled, Water Not Fit to Drink. This paper was written for the Institute of Science in Society. Professor Cummins has written …

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Autopsy Not Allowed in Covid Death

covid death graph ed

Autopsy Not Allowed in Covid Death Autopsy Not Allowed in Covid Death – This is a story that directly affects all in the hospitality industry regarding Covid transmission. Documents obtained by Food and Travel Nation show a study was done by Italian pathologists indicating possible fraud related to Covid cases. …

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There’s no place like home!” Elizabeth isn’t filling in for Dorothy, Michael isn’t the Wizard of Oz, Lenny (our really cute dog) isn’t Toto … and Orlando certainly isn’t Kansas But we’ll say it… “there’s no place like home!” Food Nation Radio is BACK at its original time… 8AM on …

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Dougherty Rails on Time Mag for GMO “Conspiracy Theory”


  This week on the Food Nation Radio Network, did Time Magazine® go too far? In its November 25, 2013 edition marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy, the author compares the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s death with the controversies associated with genetically modified foods. The Food …

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FDA Deputy Commissioner, Michael Taylor’s Role, In His Words

Each week on Food Nation Radio Network we play an audio clip at the beginning of the show designed to make us think about what we are eating. This week, we played a sound clip from Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner at the FDA, also known as the “Food Safety Czar …

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