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Guest: Andre Leu – Avoid ALL “Impossible” Beyond Beef Meat Burger Products

Burger King took the lead among fast food restaurants by introducing its “Impossible Whopper” sandwich nationwide now nearly all fast food chains have followed suit.  Forgetting taste, we wanted to find out for ourselves how safe for human consumption this highly genetically modified sandwich actually is.   Food Nation Radio reached …

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Beyond The Covid 10 Mess - Guest: Robyn Gershon

BEYOND THE COVID 19 MESS TOPIC: Restaurants are slowly reopening as we move beyond the Covid 19 mess. Is it safe for both customers and restaurant workers?  Are the masks really necessary?  How long will these precautions stay in place? Will there be a recurrence later in the year?  All …

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“Best By” Date Causes Food Waste

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk   “Best By” Date Causes Food Waste – At a time when food supply chains have been disrupted and shelves are empty of some products, the USDA estimates that 30-40% of the foods produced in America gets wasted every year.  Presently, the “use …

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Grocer Bonus Pay Revoked

From The Food Nation Radio News Desk Grocer Bonus Pay Revoked – Well, that “Hero Pay” that was doled out to grocery workers who showed up while others were forced to stay home didn’t last long.  An unnamed Twitter user posted a redacted picture of a letter from the HR …

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Shopping Cart – Post Covid-19

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk Shopping Cart – Post Covid-19 It’s a certainty that some of the measures implemented at large grocery stores and big-box retailers during the pandemic will stick around for awhile.  While smaller family-owned retailers, the backbone of our economy pre-Covid 19 were forced to …

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Brilliant Strategy by Chuck-E-Cheese

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk – Brilliant Strategy by Chuck-E-Cheese What they are doing. So what do you do with your chain of restaurants built entirely around the dine-in experience for kids when a pandemic breaks out and you’re forced to lock the doors?  Brilliant strategy by Chuck …

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Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

USDA Announces Details of Direct Assistance to Farmers through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. So, Farmers and Ranchers to Receive Direct Support for Losses Related to COVID-19. Release & Contact Info Press Release Release No. 0266.20 Contact: USDA Press Email: (Washington, D.C., May 19, 2020) – U.S. Secretary of …

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From the Food Nation Radio News Desk – DIY Aunt Annie’s Pretzels I love hot, buttery pretzels. Don’t you? It’s the whole reason to go to the mall these days. If the malls were open. Most are not. Enter DIY Aunt Annie’s Pretzels. You can have your own pretzels and …

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