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Capturing a Wild Chicken (Part 1)

chicken wrangling serio

  Capturing a Wild Chicken (Part 1) So in addition to our own chickens, there are wild ones that live in a wooded area at the end of our street next to a noisy car wash.  Elizabeth thought it would be a nice gesture to “adopt” these chickens and re-home …

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Guest: Andre Leu – Avoid ALL “Impossible” Beyond Beef Meat Burger Products

Burger King took the lead among fast food restaurants by introducing its “Impossible Whopper” sandwich nationwide now nearly all fast food chains have followed suit.  Forgetting taste, we wanted to find out for ourselves how safe for human consumption this highly genetically modified sandwich actually is.   Food Nation Radio reached …

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There’s no place like home!” Elizabeth isn’t filling in for Dorothy, Michael isn’t the Wizard of Oz, Lenny (our really cute dog) isn’t Toto … and Orlando certainly isn’t Kansas But we’ll say it… “there’s no place like home!” Food Nation Radio is BACK at its original time… 8AM on …

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