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WHERE & HOW TO LISTEN FOOD AND TRAVEL NATION 8AM ET EVERY SATURDAY with ELIZABETH DOUGHERTY The LIVE feed of Food Nation Radio Network/FOOD AND TRAVEL NATION with Elizabeth Dougherty airs Saturday mornings at 8am and replays continuously throughout the week on our exclusive  “Food Nation Radio Audio Channel”  ON …

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Fluoridating Water Is Ridiculous, Outdated And Dangerous

Fluoridating Water Is Outdated And Dangerous. From the Food Nation Radio Archives, Elizabeth spoke with Professor Joe Cummins, Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario about his paper entitled, Water Not Fit to Drink. This paper was written for the Institute of Science in Society. Professor Cummins has written …

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Crisis After Crisis IS Domestic Terrorism

DOUGHERTY REPORT DECLASSIFIED Topic:  Elizabeth explains that crisis after crisis in America IS Domestic Terrorism Original Recording Date: 8/4/2014 Recording Type:  Dougherty Report Morning Memo From 1/4/2014 – 11/9/2018, Elizabeth Dougherty hosted a cutting-edge news/talk radio program called “The Dougherty Report.”  Upon re-launching her “Food And Travel Nation” radio show, …

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Who Owns the Public Water Supply?

Who Owns the Public Water Supply? So how much power does an average citizen have against both the government AND one of the largest companies on the planet?  A LOT! Who Owns the Public Water Supply? During of of the longest droughts in California history, Bob Saunders watched as the …

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Destination Unknown Hell Michigan

Destination Unknown Hell Michigan Tour Date:  2/13/2021 Tour Guide: Elizabeth Dougherty Elizabeth takes us to Hell, Michigan. Why Hell?  Because it kinda went along with the entire “dark” nature of the entire 2/13/21 show! Destination Unknown Hell Michigan Apparently, there’s a LOT to do in Hell, Michigan.  Friday the 13th’s …

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