Monday, July 13 2020
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Beyond The Covid 10 Mess - Guest: Robyn Gershon

BEYOND THE COVID 19 MESS TOPIC: Restaurants are slowly reopening as we move beyond the Covid 19 mess. Is it safe for both customers and restaurant workers?  Are the masks really necessary?  How long will these precautions stay in place? Will there be a recurrence later in the year?  All …

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Guest: Andre Leu – Avoid ALL “Impossible” Meat Products

Burger King took the lead among fast food restaurants by introducing its “Impossible Whopper” sandwich nationwide now nearly all fast food chains have followed suit.  Forgetting taste, we wanted to find out for ourselves how safe for human consumption this highly genetically modified sandwich actually is.   Food Nation Radio reached …

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Guest: Bill Freese – Trump Gives GMOs a Big Kiss

From the Food Nation Radio Interview Archives: Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with Bill Freese from the Center for Food Safety about President Donald Trump’s  Executive Order 13874 that’s causing a LOT of people to shake their heads in disgust (including his supporters) and we encourage you to read it.

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Guest: Bill Freese – More Bad News For Monsanto

With the exception of that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Food Nation Radio has followed THIS story from almost the first program.  The results of this brand new test is horrible news for the farmers using glyphosate and the numbers are heartbreaking. Here’s the story, ( now listen …

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Guest: George Kimbrall – USDA Protects AgriBusiness… AGAIN!

Let’s get into the Food Nation Radio “time machine” and go back to 2014.  The Vermont legislature passed the first mandatory GMO labeling law.  The food industry obviously did NOT want to disclose that information and fought back hard with lots of negative advertising.  Similar proposals promptly failed at the …

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Guest: Prof Don Huber – Crop Wilt and GMOs

Food Nation Radio Network has learned the drought that has wiped out much of the nation’s corn crop has had possible contributing factors, according to Professor Don Huber, Professor Emeritus and Plant Pathology Specialist at Perdue University. In addition to the persistent heat, the overuse of Roundup in genetically modified …

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Guest: Miles McEvoy Is “UDSA ORGANIC” really Organic?

    Following an interview on the show about the USDA, Food Nation Radio Network’s Michael Serio starts a heated discussion with strong opinions on why people are concerned about the USDA Organic label, who runs the USDA and why the system is in need of a complete overhaul. You …

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Guest: Jeffrey Smith – Genetic Roulette & Your Health

A new study has been published showing genetically modified foods “can significantly impact the viability of human cells”. Some estimates show upwards of 85% of corn crops are genetically modified. Corn is used to make corn syrup and other ingredients used in up to 70% of processed foods. Monsanto’s MON810 …

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