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Trends in GMO Labeling

Photo:Flicker.com Trends in GMO Labeling Special to The Dougherty Report Due to the controversy surrounding GMO foods, the Center for Food Safety submitted a legal petition to the Food and Drug Administration. This was in regard to the labeling of all GMO foods that find their way into the marketplace. …

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Dougherty Rails on Time Mag for GMO “Conspiracy Theory”

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk This week on the Food Nation Radio Network, did Time Magazine® go too far? In its November 25, 2013 edition marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy, the author compares the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s death with the controversies associated with …

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Can a Small Group of Moms Make a Difference?

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk: Recently on the Food Nation Radio Network, we shared a story about Moms for Labeling; a group of concerned Seattle mothers who want to see genetically modified foods labeled properly.  After their small non-profit organization filed a lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association claiming …

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