Saturday, July 20 2019
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Interviews Elizabeth has conducted with experts covering the world of GMOs


With the exception of that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Food Nation Radio has followed THIS story from almost the first program.  The results of this brand new test is horrible news for the farmers using glyphosate and the numbers are heartbreaking. Here’s the story, ( now listen …

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Interview: Prof Don Huber re Crop Wilt and GMOs

Food Nation Radio Network has learned the drought that has wiped out much of the nation’s corn crop has had possible contributing factors, according to Professor Don Huber, Professor Emeritus and Plant Pathology Specialist at Perdue University. In addition to the persistent heat, the overuse of Roundup in genetically modified …

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Interview: Jeffrey Smith

A new study has been published showing genetically modified foods “can significantly impact the viability of human cells”. Some estimates show upwards of 85% of corn crops are genetically modified. Corn is used to make corn syrup and other ingredients used in up to 70% of processed foods. Monsanto’s MON810 …

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Flashback – Joel Dyer – Editor of Boulder Weekly

Boulder, Colorado is considered one of the hotbeds of the genetically modified food controversy in America. GMOs are plants that have been modified for specific reasons, such as to produce their own insecticide or so they can be sprayed with RoundUp (an herbicide) and continue to live and grow. Most …

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Guest: Dr. Cagan Randall – Have Modified Foods Modified Our Thoughts and Moods?

If you think you’re hearing more advertising and seeing seeing more products on the grocery shelves with added “probiotics”  you’re right… it’s one of the buzz words in the food industry right now.  Why are food manufacturers suddenly so interested in making sure that we, as consumers, have the proper …

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Guests: Stacie Orell / Larry Cooper – NY & Colorado Poised to Label GMOs

For the past 18 months, Food Nation Radio has followed the efforts to label genetically modified foods in Washington State.  While the ballots have been counted and the results were not what we had hoped for, in our opinion the final outcome of I-522 is still unknown.  An activist group …

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