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Interviews Elizabeth has conducted with experts covering the world of GMOs

Guest: Dr. Cagan Randall – Have Modified Foods Modified Our Thoughts and Moods?

If you think you’re hearing more advertising and seeing seeing more products on the grocery shelves with added “probiotics”  you’re right… it’s one of the buzz words in the food industry right now.  Why are food manufacturers suddenly so interested in making sure that we, as consumers, have the proper …

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Guests: Stacie Orell / Larry Cooper – NY & Colorado Poised to Label GMOs – Audio

For the past 18 months, Food Nation Radio has followed the efforts to label genetically modified foods in Washington State.  While the ballots have been counted and the results were not what we had hoped for, in our opinion the final outcome of I-522 is still unknown.  An activist group …

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Guest: Karen Andonian of Moms for Labeling – Can a Small Group of Moms Make a Difference?

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk: Recently on the Food Nation Radio Network, we shared a story about Moms for Labeling; a group of concerned Seattle mothers who want to see genetically modified foods labeled properly.  After their small non-profit organization filed a lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association claiming …

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Guest: David Curtis – California Candidate Will Revoke Biz Licenses Of GMO Seed Companies

This week, Food Nation Radio Network talked with David Curtis, candidate for Secretary of State in the State of California. He is running for office with a purpose in mind; getting rid of companies like Monsanto currently conducting business in the State. Monsanto was against Proposition 37, a proposed initiative …

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Guest: Prof Louis Virelli – The Constitutionality Of The Monsanto Protection Act

Recently on Food Nation Radio Network, we spoke with Professor Virelli from Stetson University about what has become known as the Monsanto Protection Act. Is it constitutional for companies like Monsanto to sidestep the judicial process and plant whatever crops they want to plant? Here’s what Professor Virelli had to …

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Guest: Mark Kastel – Do You Avoid Big Food Organic Companies?

Last week on Food Nation Radio Network, we spoke with Mark Kastel from the Cornucopia Institute about big food companies and their organic offshoots. The topics we covered ranged from the affordability factor to GMO labeling efforts and more. The graphic below is called Who Owns Organic? and was created by …

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Guest: Caleb Dalley – Sugarcane Is Sprayed With Glyphosate To Ripen It

We’ve told you about genetically modified sugar beets and encouraged folks to eat sugarcane instead. Now, we are concerned about new information we discovered about a process designed to increase the profitability of sugarcane crops. We want to share this information with you. Thanks to a listener who sent us …

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