Monday, July 13 2020


Food Nation Radio’s Archive of food related stories.

Guest: Jacques Pepin

From the moment the phone range and Elizabeth heard, “Hello Elizabeth, this is Jacques Pepin” she was like  school girl in love all over again.  Food Nation Radio spoke with the legendary French chef about his early life, his mother’s influence, his relationship with Julia Child and James Beard, and …

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Guest: Anthony Bourdain

Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with Anthony Bourdain before his November 2010 appearance at The Mahaffey Center in Tampa Bay.  In this interview he opens up about his world travels, fellow chefs, not offending his hosts, and at the very end he mentions a troubled past that he had seemed to overcome.

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Guest: Julie Taboulie

Over the past two years, all the digital channels that have popped up on your television have created a huge demand for fresh, original content. It’s apparent on public television, and Create TV is a perfect example of rich programming with a broad appeal. One of the rising stars of …

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