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Food Nation Radio’s Archive of food related stories.

National Popcorn Day – Is Popcorn a GMO?

  Many people wonder if popcorn is genetically modified since 90% of the corn in the United States is a GMO. However, popcorn is different and takes several years of breeding to make it “pop”. Here’s what the powers that be had to say about it in 2012. Keep in …

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Let’s talk turkey…

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and everyone gathers around the kitchen making small talk. This year everyone is talking politics, jobs and the economy. You’ll hear the occasional story about Aunt Bertha and her fibromyalgia. You pray you’ll temporarily lose your hearing… What’s really happening though, is folks are waiting for that …

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Atomic Gardens: Salt. Pepper. Radiation?

          Special to the Dougherty Report Atomic gardening is a form of selective mutation that uses exposure to radiation in order to create useful mutations in a food. The scheme began in the 1950’s as an alternative use for fission energy. Post-World War 2 efforts of …

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Why Store Brands Cannot Disclose Their Suppliers

This week on Food Nation Radio Network we talked about a site that continues to write stories designed to alarm people about the food supply without using any real investigative techniques, facts or interviews. One non GMO story was particularly irresponsible. Here’s what we had to say about it:

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Apparently Seekers Of Healthy Food Are Orthorexic – Audio

Food Nation Radio Network has determined that a new disinformation campaign is in the works. Although the term was first coined in 1997, the term orthorexia nervosa is now being applied to non-GMO activists and parents concerned about feeding their families healthy foods. Here’s what we had to say about …

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Old Florida Expands Farmed Oyster Industry

Elizabeth Dougherty, Food Nation Radio Network Oyster lovers know what it’s like. A platter of ice-cold bivalves is placed in front of you with a tangy mignonette, some horseradish and cocktail sauce. Your mouth starts to water. I’ve felt that moment of anticipation nearly one hundred times in my life. …

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