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High-Speed Internet Access Without Satellite ANYWHERE


Before you say a word, yes, the most important part of being on the road is to be AWAY from all the noise. We’re all out here to enjoy life again.  But we live in a digital world.  Email is a must.  Radio/TV programming is delivered via the internet.  And now working or going to school from home or road is the “new norm” for many Americans.  So having reliable, high-speed internet access without satellite ANYWHERE is mandatory.

Here is our interview with Emily Buratowski, the GM at Nomad Internet with details on how easy it is to get started.

At Food and Travel Nation, we’ve discovered a Texas company that makes it possible to receive high-speed internet access ANYWHERE!  It doesn’t matter if you’re driving, camping in a state/federal park or live in a very rural setting.  Nomad Internet has become OUR way of working on the road… and to save money, we “cut the cord” at home as well.  Here’s how it works.  Sign up now with Nomad Internet.  You’ll receive an internet receiver / wi-fi router.  It’s about the size of a cigar box.  Pick a centrally located spot in your home and turn it on.  Then, just select the wi-fi signal on your computer, enter the supplied password and you’re ready to work!  It really IS that simple. When we pack to go on a trip, we just unplug the box and it goes with us along with our phones and laptops.  In fact, it’s even battery powered.   So in our case, while I’m driving, Elizabeth is working.  Our Nomad Internet connection is STRONG.  In fact, it’s FAR faster than using that not-so-hot “hot spot” on our phones!

Nomad Internet started out providing high-speed, no contact, no data limit internet service to families in rural communities.  When the Covid 19 pandemic broke out and people were forced to work / school in remote locations, the power of Nomad Internet became clear!  So do what we’ve done, sign up for Nomad Internet NOW!  You’ll enjoy high-speed internet access that you can take with you anywhere.



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