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12/03/22:   In Elizabeth’s “Food News” restaurants are finding a way to prosper in a disasterous economy and a woman is taking Kraft Mac & Cheese to court.  You’ll hear how the FDA is bowing to pressure from drug companies and have put a big red target on vitamins, supplements and homeopathic remedies.  In our Food Shortages segment, for years, we’ve been telling you of the government’s plan to scoop up and nationalize the fish/seafood supply.  Now we’ve seeing the Maine lobster industry being targeted while the elites dine on lobster.  In our exclusive taste test,  Michael has never tried Egg Nog, so there’s only one way to do this… make sure the Egg Nog is spiked!  In Hour 2,  Airbnb makes big announcement regarding big inner city rentals, Delta is making big ($$$) changes to their Sky Lounge program and Atlanta TSA officers should be in BIG trouble for their lewd behavior.  You’ll also hear what happened when a woman says Jesus told her to open the door of a plane in flight.  We’ll share our story of using POP RV to sell our RV and how POP RV should be the FIRST stop for the 2023 camping season, and in Elizabeth’s Top 10 List…what first-time riders on the NYC subway system need to know to safely get to their destination.  In our Destination Unknown, Elizabeth shares the story of the frozen wonderland in Central Florida and as you’ll see, there’s a LOT to do at Gaylord Palms this holiday season.

11/26/22:  On September 17th, Elizabeth warned that the deal between the White House and the railroad workers was flimsy at best.  Now here we are, facing a massive stike.  Unless there is a compromise, this will not end well.  We look at the FDA decision to approve Lab Grown Chicken, and of course Bill Gates’ name is all over this deal.  Our taste test looks at Chicken Noodle Soup.  In the Travel Hour, the airlines are being forced to repay MILLIONS that they kept from flyers, and you’ll hear what happened inside the cabin of a plane whose captain died after takeoff.  You’ll hear how one camper uses that outdoor shower on the side of their RV, and Elizabeth takes us to a small town in Michigan with a big heart for Christmas.

11/19/22:  Thanksgiving Dinner will be the most expensive on record, yet the government is doing little to help. Now we understand why Tom Vilsack at the USDA has worked to place high-speed internet access in farming communities. The agency has created a special “intranet” site designed to track nearly every piece of food from farm to table.  You’ll hear about the humble beginnings of that first Thanksgiving and our exclusive interview with a member of the Patuxet tribe from Plimoth, Massachusetts.  November is Nation Peanut Butter Lovers Month, so we celebrate with a Peanut Butter Taste Test.  In hour two, you’ll hear how we finally purchased a tow vehicle and how Michael was ticketed two hours later, and Elizabeth takes us to Arizona to visit the Pima Air & Space Museum.

11/05/22:  Heading into the mid-term elections, you’ll hear from some angry restaurant workers and an update on how other countries are saying NO to GMO food products from the US. You’ll how how food-related commodities are pushing up the cost of food for all of us while providing an ongoing dividend for investors.  It’s time to ask the question… “were those millions of chickens and turkeys really sick with Avian Flu, (earlier this year) or was the mass killing of all those birds an aggressive action to push up the price for consumers?”  In the Travel Hour, you’ll hear about our trip to Northern Georgia and how an air siren shattered our vacation. Finally in Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us to a musuem in West Virginia dedicated to Sasquatch.

10/29/22:  You’ll hear how the USDA is “spinning” food inflation costs, and that deal brokered between the White House and railroad workers is falling apart.  Mexico is standing tough against GMO corn… they DON’T want that contaminated stuff from the US in their country.  Elizabeth has a Top 10 list focused on The Golden Arches, and our taste test zooms in on which Apple Pie should be on your Thanksgiving table.  In the Travel Hour, our Airline Debacles are jammed with weird incidents all over again, and Elizabeth has a serious warning for all RV users.  Finally, in our Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us for a relaxing visit to The Safety Harbor Spa on the shores of Old Tampa Bay.

10/22/22:   In our Food News segment, the USDA is celebrating the success of the ranchers in BRAZIL and you’ll hear about 3D “meat” being produced in Europe.   In a new segment called “Weird Science,” Elizabeth shares listener email where “Heather” found Graphene Oxide particles in breakfast flake cereal.  You’ll hear about how the USDA is cancelling the debts of some American farmers, but there are strings attached and we dig deeper into those mysterious food production plant fires.  In the travel hour, animals dominate our Airline Debacles, Elizabeth has information about Princess Cruises’ Love Boat, and we share our thoughts and memories of Sanibel Island.

10/15/22:  Elizabeth has the latest Food News (including the story of the unhealthy cereals) then you’ll hear about how American Farmers are being screwed over yet again. You’ll learn how bakeries are using flour substitutes that could be dangerous.  Our Test Test focuses on which mozzarella cheese is best for your pizza.  In Airline Debacles, you’ll hear about an American Airlines flight where VERY strange noises filled the cabin.  We tell the tale of our first camping trip in the new RV, Elizabeth has an amazingly easy car rental hack, and in Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us to The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

10/8/22:  Elizabeth has the latest Food News and Server’s Revenge, then you’ll hear about how America’s largest farmland owner (some dude named Bill) is paying for, promoting, and profiting from GMO corn.  We talk about how gas tax is hurting the truckers bringing groceries to your store.  Our exclusive Taste Test focuses on Hard Apple Cider.  In the Travel Hour, a BIG discussion about “The Pizza State,”  our new RV, the problem with traveling overseas right now, and our Destination Unknown takes us to a place that calls itself “HELL.”

10/1/22:  A VERY busy show!  A few days after Hurricane Ian whacked SW Florida, Elizabeth has updates.  You’ll hear how the ridiculously lax rules at the FDA now allow for the GMO Purple tomato, plus the same government that can’t predict where a hurricane will make landfall is redefining  what foods are “healthy.”  And if that’s not enough, they’re changing the rules AGAIN and eventually you’ll be forced to buy another refridgerator.  Our Test Test focuses on plant-based burgers, and in our Destination Unknown segment, Elizabeth takes us to a small town in South Carolina, home of the American Revolution War museum.

9/24/22:  As Florida and the entire gulf coast prepares for a hurricane, the theme of the show is preparedness… and not just for this particular storm! It’s time to be ready for whatever comes our way.  You’ll hear how to prepare your boat or RV for a storm, and why honey should be in your emergency food kit as well as your kitchen pantry.  Elizabeth has news of the latest spending spree by the USDA, and how that rogue agency seems to be going after people who dare to grow their own food!  You’ll also hear what happened to student behavior at a school that serves all-organic lunches, (hint: it’s good news) and in our Destination Unknown segment this week, a beloved TV show celebrates its 50th anniversary.  Elizabeth takes us to the California State Park that hosted the outdoor scenes which kinda resembles Korea.  (yes, that’s a hint!)

9/17/22:  Elizabeth has the latest Food News, including the story of the Executive Order putting the full force of the administration behind GMOs and Bioengineered Foods.  You’ll hear about the importance of planning for weather events or other national disasters.  In our exclusive taste testing segment, we try those ready-to-eat nutrition bars.  In hour two, NYC is leading the charge to equip residents and tourists with a tracking device, you’ll hear about “bait and switch” cruise deals, and in our Destination Unknown segment, Elizabeth takes us to the big lake they called Gitche Gumee.

9/10/22:  After a look at the latest Food News, Elizabeth has disturbing information about food shortages and redistribution efforts.  You’ll also hear about Cricket Flour, and how third-party food delivery services are boosting prices of restaurant foods.  In the second hour, you’ll hear how a cartwheel got a woman tossed from a plane, you’ll learn about the terrible “10 Year Rule” at campgrounds and Elizabeth takes us to New Smyrna Beach, Florida to visit the Bob Ross Gallery and Workshop.

9/3/22:  While other shows are enjoying a long Labor Day Weekend, Elizabeth is hard at work!   You’ll hear about how the food shortages we are seeing seem to occur in cycles and in particular sections of the grocery.  You’ll hear about how the odd way the FDA is chasing down another E. coli outbreak, and we look at how contaminated sewage that’s routinely sprayed on crops could be to blame.  Our exclusive taste test focuses on jarred pasta sauce, and Elizabeth has an update on our RV that was hit by a bus.  We share several new Airline Debacles, you’ll hear about messy planes, and in our Destination Unknown segment, a visit to a museum featuring American craftsmanship at its best.

8/27/22:  Elizabeth shares yet ANOTHER sign that the USDA is undermining US farmers and the results will be devastating to American consumers.  The UDSA is bragging that it will pay farmers NOT to grow food crops using the fraudulant claim of transistioning to organic growing practices.  You’ll also hear about Tomato Flu in India, and our taste test focuses on whipped cream.  In hour two, you’ll hear what happened to our brand new RV.  Elizabeth has news about Rent Control and its impact on the housing market, and her Destination Unknown takes us to Nevada for all the Fall Festivals taking place this fall.

8/20/22:  There’s a growing list of food recalls right now.  Is it a result of careless work at the food processing plants?  Better monitoring of the food supply by the FDA? Or could something else be happening that’s causing food products to be removed from the shelves?  Plus, Elizabeth has news that the new generation of GMO techniques could be altering your DNA.  In the travel hour, you’ll hear horror stories from flight attendants and Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to a place where graffiti is celebrated as art in Miami

8/13/22:  There’s a BIG surprise coming if there is a natural disaster this summer/fall.  As a result of supply chain issues, (and really bad planning) the experts are saying it could take YEARS to get the power turned back on. Farmers in Oregon are dealing with yet ANOTHER food processing plant fire and in our Taste Test this week, we try those bags of donuts. In the travel hour of the show, Elizabeth shares what happened on our very first camping trip in the new RV, and in Destination Unknown, she takes us to two cities offering tours of the US Mint.

8/6/22:  Among the news items you’ll hear this week:  You’re being LIED to about the baby milk shortages.   It’s NOT getting any better!  A US Senator warns food is going to ROT in the fields because of the high cost of diesel fuel and Elizabeth has a troubling story regarding those tiny nano-particles.  SPOILER ALERT… you WON’T be able to spit them out!  Plus, a server spills the beans on those  data-stealing debit card readers at the register, our taste test focuses on National Mustard Day and in Destination Unknown, Elizabeth has a hard time picking just one Florida city!

07/30/22:  If you own a well, who owns the water that comes from it… you or the government?  You’ll hear how one state thinks IT owns that water and is and demanding owners send them a check. In our exclusive taste test, we sample frozen lasagna and have a surprise winner.  In the travel hour, we talk about the often confusing topic of RV generators and we’re seeing an uptick in airline employee weirdness.  Elizabeth has the latest information you’ll need to book a cruise and her Destination Unknown takes us northwest to Big Sky Country.

7/23/22:  A tip from a listener (THANK YOU) led Elizabeth to discover that back in 2011, the Center for Disease Control published an emergency preparedness guide instructing people how to survive a virus-created Zombie Apocalypse.  This would be hilarious if if weren’t for what we’ve endured for the past two and a half years.  Was the publication of this 40 page report a warning, or yet another example of predictive programming?  In the travel hour, you’ll hear of a BIG fight at Disney World in Orlando, we share car rental hacks and Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to see some unusual sites in the Great State of Oklahoma.

7/9/22:  More genetic modifications to the food supply are coming, this time to bananas.  (What could possibly go wrong?)  Another Hollywood star is promoting the consumption of bugs and insects.  In the travel hour, local gas station owners are insulted and furious with the White House for suggesting that THEY are the cause for high gas prices.  You’ll hear how one city, (Orlando, Florida) made a mockery of Fourth of July celebrations and insulted those who do still love this country and are not afraid to show it.  As airline cancellations pile up this summer, we look at a possible cause.  SPOILER ALERT…. jabbed pilots who are now physically unable to fly!  We share details of our new RV, and in our Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us to  Nantucket Beach where the woke city council  just ruled that it’s okay for women to frolic on the beach… topless!

7/2/22:  Heading into the Fourth of July weekend, you’ll hear Elizabeth’s recipe for her amazing fall-off-the-bone ribs, (and side dishes)  how to properly grill burgers and the importance of cooking ground meat properly.  In the travel hour, we talk about the number of serious road accidents happening on American highways and you’ll hear about some of the quirky stops along US Route 66.  We wrap up the show with our taste test… this week, Elizabeth is serving up bottled water.

6/25/22:  If you take supplements you’ve got to listen to this episode.  “Shrinkflation” is hitting vitamins and supplements so be sure to read the labels carefully.  You’ll also hear a bit more about the widespread use of graphene oxide.  American family farmers are begging the government to grow more food, the USDA say it has to think about it.  In our RV segment, you’ll hear about our new travel trailer and what you should look for if you’re ready to hit the road. In our cruise news segment, you’ll hear how one company is rolling out the sweet treats for on board guests.

6/11/22:   Americans are seemingly contracting longterm prion disease and dementia in record numbers, we look for a possible culprit. While the US is facing food shortages and those strange food production plant fires, the USDA and Tom Vilsack are bending over to help foreign countries. Our taste test focuses on ready to drink Iced Tea, and you’ll her how a hacker used stolen hotel reward points for a long Florida vacation. Elizabeth has details of health insurance needs when you’re on a foreign vacation and in our Destination Unknown, you’ll hear about a creepy NYC smallpox hospital.

6/4/22:  People are MAD about rising gas prices and are speaking out.  You’ll hear about a chemical additive in soft drinks that has a long history of making people sick.  Our taste test focuses on those cans of potato chips.  Elizabeth takes us to a gigantic underground cheese storage facility in Missouri and you’ll hear how to match up your SUV/truck with a travel trailer.

5/28/22:  Memorial Day Weekend 2022.  Why ARE gas prices so high right now? Elizabeth has some some an$wer$.  (hint: follow the money!)  Our taste test looks at several popular flavored-beers, Elizabeth takes us to Corbin KY, the birthplace of  KFC and you’ll meet Mike Adams, the CEO of POP RVs and Pop Yachts.

5/21/22:   So rather than stop the aerial spraying of aluminum, Monsanto is allegedly creating aluminum resistant seeds and you’ll hear how badly the FDA and USDA have handled the baby formula mess. In “Restaurant Pet Peeves,” we discovered either an honest mistake, or a new way workers can ring up a few extra bucks!  In the travel hour, you’ll hear about Florida’s notorious Love Bugs and how to get them off your RV.  Elizabeth has more information regarding pilot shortages and in “Destination Unknown” we travel to a small town in Amish Country Indiana.

5/14/22:  You’ll hear more information about the baby formula shortage and how the company at the center of a nationwide recall, may have been the victim of corporate sabotage!  This comes as we’re learning more about the string of fires and mishaps at other food processing plants across the country and it’s hard not to see that there is an evil, concerted effort at work here.  Plus, you’ve seen the high price of diesel, now we’re getting word that there is a serious diesel fuel shortage.  Without diesel, nothing gets moved from the warehouses to the grocery stores.  In our exclusive taste test, we found one clear winner comparing Ginger Beers.  Elizabeth shares the story of how a passenger was forced to take the controls of a small plane when the pilot slumped over in his captain’s chair.  Our Destination Unknown takes us to The World of Barbie that opens this summer.

5/7/22:   Despite ALL the seemingly bad news right now in both the food and travel industries, Elizabeth is bubbling with optimism that America will pull through.  You’ll hear about the WH Food Summit, how the dairy industry is terrified of raw milk, and our taste test focuses on Nation Salsa Month.  In the travel hour, you’ll hear why the Real ID that the government is pushing is a horrible idea and gives them an unwanted National ID system.  Plus, you’ll hear how those solar panels on the roof of your RV may be killing your batteries, how a cruise line mishandled an outbreak of illness and Elizabeth takes us deep into the Everglades to an Old Florida historic hotel.

4/30/22:  So… at the same time that grocery shelves are emptying, diesel fuel to transport goods is at a record high, fertilizer is unavailable and inflation is eating away at your budget…. the USDA is bending over backwards to make sure CHINA has the agricultural tools IT needs to feed its people.  Last week, the state of Iowa and the USDA hosted an agricultural summit to help the CCP and CHINA!  Does this make ANY sense to anyone?  It’s time to ask who the USDA is actually working for!    Elizabeth has some eye-opening thoughts.  In the travel hour, you’ll hear how to save some serious money when booking airline tickets, our deal of the week takes us to Las Vegas to see a former teen idol, and you’ll hear how the best way to “upgrade” your RV.   Plus, Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and Elizabeth has some tips for a great fiesta, and our taste test focuses in on tequila.

4/23/22:  While the mask mandates on planes, trains, busses and cruise ships is over (for now) there’s still a LOT to be concerned with right now:  food production factories are on fire, the food lobbyists want GMO oversight transferred to the lax USDA, and with gain of function capabilities in-hand, bird flu has made the jump to humans.  Summer travel plans still look strong despite gas prices, Elizabeth takes us to a museum in NYC where you don’t have to be high to enjoy the art/music (but it helps) and “the heat is on” as our taste test focuses in on hot sauce.

4/16/22  The lockdowns, mandates, government overreach and food shortages that we’re seeing may just be the beginning of a long, difficult period of American history.   Elizabeth shares some personal thoughts and what we need to do to prepare.  You’ll also hear how airline pilots are facing some serious challenges leading to flight cancellations and long delays.  Our Destination Unknown takes us to a beautiful hotel in Colorado with a creepy night tour and you’ll hear how to deal with RV roof leaks.

4/9/22  You’ll hear about contaminants in both the food and water supply that is FINALLY being mentioned by the MSM. People are shocked at what they are learning… and consuming!  You’ll hear the latest food and travel news, Elizabeth takes us to a creepy doll museum, and how to pack your RV in case of a catastrophic event. Our taste test focuses on instant mashed potatoes and you’ll hear how TV manufacturers are hiding a camera into TVs and video monitors.

4/2/22  As if we don’t have enough to worry about, a new study shows just how prevalent glyphosate is in our food supply.  It’s shocking!  Elizabeth goes over the results.  You’ll also hear about how the latest bird flu has claimed millions of birds, and it’s time for farmers to bring in third-party testers.  Our taste test focuses on milk chocolate bunnies, you’ll hear tips on keeping your RV’s refrigerator working and Elizabeth takes us to an amazing museum in Minnesota.

3/26/22  Mother Nature intended that cows eat grass. So then why is the DNA of GMO corn turning up in the beef supply? Elizabeth explains why and the answer is not good!   Plus, you’ll hear how the government’s policy toward diesel fuel will have a devastating effect on the food supply lines through the spring/summer.  Our taste test focuses in on powdered protein drinks.  You’ll hear how NOT to destroy the transmission of your RV and Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to a Wichita museum international treasures.

3/19/22  Elizabeth shares the story of Ancel Keys.  In the 50’s, his “research” regarding red meat being responsible for heart disease has led to the current horrific American diet.  Problem is, his scientific methods SUCKED and he left out data from countries that proved his theory was WRONG.  You’ll also hear:  the latest food news, our taste test focuses on baked beans, how to beat the high price of gas in your RV and Elizabeth takes us to the High Country of Texas!

3/12/22  For years, we’ve been told to use plant-based oils with an emphasis on those that come from seeds.  Turns out, that may be bad advice.  We look at how seed oils can be destroying the health of people worldwide.  Plus Elizabeth says the government is stretching the truth (LYING) about inflation numbers, and that shrinkflation is a horrible way to treat customers.  You’ll also hear how, as a result of higher fuel prices, grocery store items (food) will cost even MORE over the next few months.  Plus, NOW is the time to buy RV tires if you need them, and our Destination Unknown takes us deep into the Florida Everglades for a visit to a Cold War Era Nike missile site.

3/6/22  Evil forces, both foreign and domestic are squeezing the America food supply right now.  Elizabet dug deeper into this and you’re NOT going to like what she found.  Our Toothpaste Taste Test last week led Elizabeth to do some research on what is actually IN the toothpaste recommended by her son’s dentist.  Turns out there’s a controversial ingredient in it.  Before you pick up the phone to order pizza, we put several brands to the test.  To keep it fair and simple, we tested ONLY a thin-crust cheese pizza.  We didn’t call it this during the program, but what this actually is…. is sort of a State of the RV Union address!   You’ll hear what’s happening in the industry right now heading into the spring and summer camping season.  Elizabeth shares a story that happened a few nights ago.  Whatever happened to hair nets?   There’s SO much to see and do this summer in the 49th State.  Elizabeth takes us “North to Alaska” to the Fairbanks Ice Museum followed by a relaxing stay at the Chena Hot Springs Resort.

2/26/22  The USDA has, once again, given us the stick with which to beat them. (figuratively of course) You’ll hear how the government agency that was empowered to protect the farmers and food supply in this country is actually working with scientists to take what’s usually a waste product from food production (garbage) and reintroduce it into the food supply.  The USDA convened a video conference call to discuss the latest bird flu outbreak across the country.  You’ll hear how the USDA appears to be more concerned about how this outbreak may impact the ability to sell turkeys to other nations.  In the most unusual of all our taste tests, we sampled toothpaste.  You’ll be surprised which band tastes the best AND has the cleaning power you expect.  Florida is our home and we love sharing peaceful, relaxing destinations that DON’T include mouse ears.  This week, Elizabeth takes us to Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens in Williston, Florida.

2/19/22  This show has always been on the leading edge of asking questions.  In this case, we see reports of graphene oxide turning up in the air, food and water.   Can GO inside the human body be used to gain control of the human mind?  Plus, we’re seeing another round of a bird flu infecting both commercial and home farmers.   Is this yet another “planned event” like we’ve seen lately?  Since springtime picnics are finally on the horizon, Elizabeth sampled several name brand dill pickles.  Only ONE passed her taste test.  Your Ring Camera may be spying on YOU!   First Amendment Rights to Free Speech were trampled upon, paying airline customers were lied to, and oh yeah, an unruly passenger had to be brought down with a large commercial coffee pot!

2/12/22  At a time when there are food shortages in the grocery stores, the USDA seems to be bragging that in 2021, the US exported $177 BILLION dollars in food products to other countries.  Worse yet, $33 BILLION of that went to China!  Elizabeth takes us to Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia, one of the primary filming sites for the Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey movie “Dirty Dancing.” We share the story of our own RV and instead of having a tune-up just before we purchased it, we found out that the original 2005 spark plugs were still in place.  So your new job allows you the “freedom” of working from home.  That may seem like a good idea, until they demand access to the computer that you’ll be using for work purposes.  Elizabeth shares the story of trying to book a cruise to Alaska.  It should have been easy… it wasn’t!

2/5/22  American farmers are very concerned because we’re seeing the full scope of an executive order signed last year.  30 percent of farm lands will be “taken” by the federal government by 2030.  Elizabeth tells the story of how a substance found in a pond in Pennsylvania has made its way onto grocery shelves.  In our Taste Test, we sample processed American cheese food slices used for making grilled cheeses sandwiches. In the second hour, Southwest Air has resumed the sale on in-flight adult beverages and not everyone is happy.  Our Destination Unknown takes you to the northernmost location ever.

1/29/22  You’ll learn more about the genetically modified Purple Tomato and how the company that’s developing it is LAUGHING at the lame USDA.  Elizabeth has an update on the protest underway by Canadian truck drivers and you’ll hear about an amazing maple syrup in our taste test of the week.  In the second hour, RV vacations you can take in the wintertime and why the cruise industry is getting hammered by Wall Street.  Our Destination Unknown could change tourism forever in Orlando once people discover the Chocolate Museum and Cafe just a short drive away from the “Mouse House.”

1/22/22  Expanded coverage of the empty grocery store shelves from around the country.  Eyewitness reports of food shortages doesn’t square up with the president’s words that the shelves are 90 percent full.  Our Taste Test focuses on Chicken Noodle Soup and you’ll hear about virtual reality grocery shopping,  In the travel segments, you’ll hear about how a North Korean missile launch briefly closed US airports, warm weather RV vacation hotspots and Elizabeth takes us to Arizona to see DINOSAURS!

1/15/22  At a time when you can’t find lunchmeat on the grocery shelves, the USDA (and Tom Vilsack) just announced a deal that sends American pork to India. Elizabeth has troubling news from China that could prompt yet another round of lockdowns and additional food shortages. Elizabeth has a possible explanation and you’re not gonna like it. Restaurant workers speak out about staff sicknesses and how those QR code systems are costing them tip money. You’ll hear from jabbed pilots who are experiencing career-ending medical illnesses. Elizabeth takes us to a small town in Florida that’s been called “The Spiritualist Capital of the World” and you’ll hear the story of a woman whose vacation was ruined by a cruise company’s hard line cancellation policy.

1/8/22  In our Severs Revenge segment, the new Mayor of New York City, has restaurant workers fuming mad at him!  You’ll hear how a planned global event (thanks to the work of some very evil people and organizations) is behind the food shortages.  Elizabeth tells how the new GMO labeling law is WORTHLESS and DECEITFUL.  Our Taste Test focuses on salsa.  You’ll hear what “unruly” airline passengers are charged with, and Elizabeth takes us to a remarkable mansion in the mountains of Phoenix.

1/1/22  Our first show of the year and we have a LOT to cover.  You’ll hear about the new food labeling law that supposedly goes into effect today and all the loopholes the industry created for itself.  We share the story of the Delta Airlines Christmas Mask Karen, plus the grossest food combinations for 2022 and Elizabeth takes us to warm vacation spots in January.

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Elizabeth Dougherty has been cooking and writing about food intensively for more than ten years. She is the fourth generation of chefs and gourmet grocers in her family with her mother, Francesca Esposito and grandmother, Carmella being major influences in her early cooking years. As a teenager, her family sent her to Europe where she became focused on French and Italian cuisine. She survived a year and half of culinary tutelage under a maniacal Swiss-German chef and is a graduate of NYIT, Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Business and Labor Relations. Food Nation Radio has won two news awards for content. Broadcasting LIVE each week, nationwide, on FoodNationRadio.com and stations around the country.

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