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9/16/2023: The mayor of Chicago just introduced a plan that would place city owned grocery stores in neighborhoods hardest hit by crime that have been abandoned by commercial grocers. This is a HORRIBLE idea and you’ll hear why it should be stopped in its tracks and what should be done instead.  Plus, should restaurants be forced to disclose whether they’re serving you FAKE MEAT? Elizabeth says YES! We roll out the barrel and celebrate Octoberfest, and in our taste test, we try celebrity chef frozen Mac & Cheese. (spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well for two of the three TV chefs) It may not seem like it now, but the UAW strike against “The Big 3” could have a serious impact on holiday travel as rental cars might not be available. You’ll hear our worst Airline Debacles ever, and Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to a small town in Oklahoma that’s home to the largest private collections of guns in the world.

9/9/2023:  The government finally released the toxicology report that shows fluoride in the public water supply is a neurotoxin and is hazardous to the intellectual growth of children.  Yet it’s still there.  From the archives, Elizabeth shares the story of how fluoride from a source in China is being added to the water in a small village in Michigan.  You’ll meet Rick Wagner from Eidon Ionic Minerals a company that produces liquid vitamins and supplements that have been removed from the food supply.  Our taste test focuses on Ramen Noodles and Elizabeth tells the story of trying to buy auto insurance in Florida. (spoiler alert: it didn’t end well)  You’ll hear what information the government is taking from you and our Destination Unknown takes us to The Barns of Nappannee in a small Amish community in Indiana.

9/2/23:  Elizabeth looks at a  troubling story from Virginia, where the state is trampling on the rights of a farmer, his business, and the religious rights of a tight-knit community that just wants to be left alone.  In the second hour of the show, while the world was debating closed schools, jabs, and masks, the federal government was moving full steam ahead on the implementation of a biometric digital passport.  You’ll also hear the most bogus Top 10 in the history of the show, some tips on riding out a hurricane, and we debunk an internet viral video regarding coffee cups.  Our taste test uncovers an amazing maple syrup and for Labor Day, Elizabeth takes us to a home in New Jersey that became the focal point for the American Labor movement.

8/19/23:  Since humans started cultivating grains for food, wheat has been a staple of our diet.  Early man had no way of knowing that Einkhorn flour was packed with protein,  iron, thiamine, fiber and lots of vitamins.  Of course modern science has screwed around with this ancient grain, genetically modifying it for its own profit.  Elizabeth talks about how/why this was done, and why you should be concerned when you see it on the shelves.  Also in this show, more information about the devastating fires in Lahaina, Hawaii and why you should be suspicious about the “news” that’s coming out of Maui. You’ll hear from restaurant employees who are speaking out about shortcuts their employers are taking, and our taste test focuses on restaurant branded frozen french fries.  In the travel hour, more Airline Debacles as agitated passengers are becoming more “unruly” and from the archives, Elizabeth takes us to Kansas to the Oz Museum, keeping alive the magic of the Wizard of Oz.

8/12/23:  So how are those FAKE MEAT products actually made?  Were human feeding studies conducted?  Did the FDA actually do it’s job and investigate before allowing these products on the market?  Elizabeth has some answers and you’re NOT going to like it.  Plus, just a few days after those deadly Hawaiian wildfires broke out, Elizabeth looks at what might have happened.  The people of Lahaina, Hawaii deserve better than what the federal response has been.  You’ll also hear from angry restaurant workers, why Dark Winter could mean long lines and short supplies at the grocery and our taste test focuses on jars of processed cheese food products.  In the travel hour, we’re seeing more fights on planes, and Elizabeth takes to Solvang, California, a small town that will make you think you’re in Denmark.

8/5/23:  After a look at Food News, Elizabeth shares some thoughts about “Barbie Lasagna” and you’ll hear about what happened to a good delivery driver in a bad set of circumstances.  Elizabeth has been following the story of how Crispr Technology is changing the genetic structure of the foods we eat… this week, a look at Brazilian Wheat.  We share a growing list of grocery complaints, and visit the International aisle for this week’s Taste Test…Jamaican Cock Soup.  In the Travel Hour, what happens when the yelling on the airplane comes from a flight crew member and Elizabeth sheds some light on those government mandated LED light bulbs,  You’ll hear about some really inexpensive cruises during the month of September, and in her exclusive Destination Unknown segment, Elizabeth takes us Niagara Falls.

7/22/23:  After a look at food news and servers revenge, Elizabeth shares the list of the most popular fast casual restaurants in the country.  Hint: The winner comes from Wisconsin and makes an incredible “Butter Burger.”  Our friend Katrina Frey from Frey Wines joins us with suggestions for summertime deserts that of course, include Frey Wine.  You’ll hear how to make the most AMAZING burger ever, and in our taste test, with a nod to National Hot Dog Day, we put three of the most popular beef franks up against each other with a clear weiner winner.  In the travel hour, a follow up to the #TMFINR woman and Elizabeth tells a personal story of how it’s time to investigate the practices of those third party online booking companies, and what you can do to protect your next trip.  Her Destination Unknown takes us to Tybee Island, Georgia where, over 65 years ago, military mid-air collision resulted in the disappearance of a 7,600 pound nuclear bomb that’s never been found.

7/16/23:  Great News… the safety of Aspartame is FINALLY being questioned. You’ll hear the latest during our news segment, and then later in the show from the Food & Travel Nation archives, an interview that spells out that this substance should NEVER have been allowed in the food supply. Elizabeth shares in-depth research about another substance that must be examined called carrageenan with links to cancer. You’ll also hear an amazing recipe for making your own ice cream. (that doesn’t contain carrageenan) We tackle the issue of people taking their regular pets into grocery stores, and in our taste test, in honor of National French Fry Day, we visited four fast food restaurants and found a surprising winner. In our Airline Debacles, the story of a young man who was traveling alone for the first time and now faces a ban from the airline. In our RV Tips, three MUST have items when it comes to keeping the lights on (and air conditioning!) Elizabeth shares the story of a cruise ship carrying marine researchers that encountered an abhorant practive of whale killings, and in our Destination Unknown, a visit to an air museum featuring the Concorde.

7/10/23:  In this episode, you’ll learn more about a problem that a LOT of Americans are facing right now, gut-related diseases.  Elizabeth shares some thoughts and from the show archives, you’ll hear an interview with a professor/researcher who predicted exactly what we’re seeing right now.  Our taste test zooms in on Olive Oil and in her Destination Unknown, we visit the Hearst Castle.

7/1/23: This episode marks our 4th of July show and at the beginning of the second hour of the show, Elizabeth shares thoughts about citizenship, our responsibilities to the government and its duty to American citizens. During Servers Revenge, you’ll hear Elizabeth’s thoughts on the counter-productive government practice of taxing our labor. You’ll hear the story of a hundred year-old who follows an “Adventists Diet” eating only clean foods, and Elizabeth talks about the mysterious outbreak of malaria following the release of millions of genetically modified mosquitos. Our taste fest focuses on beer, since apparently a LOT of people are looking for a favorite new brew right now. In the second hour of the show, fun things to do and places to see on America’s birthday including the best places to see fireworks.

6/17/23: We’re seeing a rash of food recalls due to viral contaminations right now, Elizabeth talks about what’s really happening and what you need to know.  You’ll hear about how comments in public and on social media sites that can be construed as negative or contrary, will impact your ability to purchase food and the price you’ll pay.  As schools are closed for the summer, our taste test focuses on those easy to prepare Chicken Tenders.  In the travel hour, people are being fat shamed into purchasing a second ticket when they travel.  You’ll hear a list of items you’ll want to have in your RV for weather emergencies.  Carnival Cruises is making culinary changes, and Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to Frisco, Texas for their HUGE 4th of July celebration.

6/10/23: This is deplorable, but it appears that Big Ag is using the USDA and their trade representatives to put pressure on the country of Japan to accept GMOs into their country.  A server admits to lying to customers on a case by case basis to protect the revenue of the restaurant, while management continues to take advantage of employees.  Elizabeth talks about what’s actually inside the packaging of the foods you buy, but since you don’t eat the package, those chemicals are not required to be disclosed… but you’re consuming them nonetheless.  You’ll hear which foods are most impacted by inflation, and more about the clever way food producers are able to lie about the country of origin of the foods you eat.  Our exclusive Taste Test focuses on plain old vanilla ice cream with a not-so-surprising winner.  In travel news, the government wasted millions on travel software and in our Airline Debacles, you’ll hear some thoughts about the rules requiring booking two seats for larger passengers.  You’ll some pest control ideas in our RV Tips segment.  Elizabeth tells the story about eloping and shares the Top 10 cities if you’re thinking of running off to get married.  The Vaccine Conference was held recently, and the talk focused on using jabs to control our travel. Finally, in our Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes to to an amazingly colorful oasis in the Nevada desert, the Valley of Fire.

06/03/23:  Elizabeth has the latest food and travel news, then our Servers Revenge segment led into a serious discussion regarding the use of Medical Marijuana products in the workplace.  You’ll meet Rick Wagner, CEO of Eidon Ionic Minerals (a new show sponsor) and you’ll learn why it’s so important to add minerals to your daily diet, and why our bodies need them to operate properly.  In the travel hour, you’ll hear the story of a South Korean flight that landed safely after an emergency door was open.  Plus, how those fancy RV Resorts are helping themselves to your bank account, and how that freak storm off the southeast coast wrecked havoc on a cruise ship.  Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to a resort in the mountains of West Virginia with, what was, a deep secret.

Memorial Day Weekend 2023.  A hybrid show… you’ll hear the latest food and travel news, plus we dig into the archives and you’ll hear segments of the show you may have missed.  Elizabeth tells the story of how foods are being genetically modified to include “vaccinations” and as a result of the new technology being used to create them, you’ll never know that it’s been changed or what you’re actually feeding your kids.  Our Taste Test focuses on BBQ Sauce (since it IS Memorial Day weekend) and Elizabeth takes us to an amazing mansion high above Phoenix.

5/20/23:  After the latest food news, Elizabeth has the story of how a North Carolina company is using the next generation of genetic modification called CRISPR Technology.  Their goal was to genetically modify mustard greens to remove the odd flavor.  Here’s where we have a BIG problem with this whole story… the food industry and their lapdogs at the FDA that wrote the 2022 Bioengineered Labeling Law, left a huge loophole for foods created with CRISPR Technology.  As a result, when this product is in the stores later this month, you’ll never know that it was genetically modified.  Also on the show, our taste test focused on iced coffee drinks and you’ll hear about some very strange activities on airplanes and airports.  Elizabeth’s Top 10 of the Week looks at the best beaches in America, and her Destination Unknown takes us to The International Spy Museum in Washington DC.

5/14/23:  Elizabeth has the latest food news including the story of how a salmonella outbreak will be with us for several months, and the FDA is looking at revisions of the “best by” dating scheme.  On Server’s Revenge, you’ll hear how a tricycle on a darkened sidewalk left a delivery driver injured.  The government is moving toward a plan called “Net Zero” and your dishwasher and other appliances (including your gas stove) have a big target on them.  In our food shortages segment, how rolling blackouts that are coming this summer will leave you with an empty pantry, and we are suspicious about the sudden outbreak of salmonella affecting Mexican produce.  In the travel hour, the government’s response to Covid 19 has ended and it means yet more changes for the travel industry.   In our cruise news, parrot heads will like this, more Jimmy Buffet related bars and restaurants are coming to the Margaritaville at Sea, and in her Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us to deep underground caves under the Arizona desert.

5/8/23:  One of the most jammed packed shows ever! You’ll hear about the 2023 Farm Bill that’s moving it’s way through Congress… it’s nothing short of Big Brother “digital socialism” of our food supply. You’ll also hear about a crackdown on child labor labor laws, focused on dozens of McDonald’s restaurants in the midwest, and Elizabeth had a trick up her sleeve during this week’s taste test. In the travel hour, you’ll hear about how airline passengers are standing up against “unruly passengers” and our Destination Unknown takes us to Albuquerque for a visit to the largest collection of rattlesnakes.

5/1/23:  You’ll hear how the introduction of Genetically Modified Foods is in clear violation of the FDA’s own restrictions. Our guest tells how money and the revolving door between corporate America and Government has allowed these potentially unhealthy products on the market. You’ll also hear about the flawed concept of GRAS (generally regarded as safe) could be putting your health at risk. Also in this episode, the King Salmon season has been shut down, our exclusive taste test focuses on frozen waffles, and Elizabeth takes us behind the faces up on Mount Rushmore.

4/1/23:  It’s hard NOT to notice that there are multiple diabolical plots underway right now aimed specifically at the way Americans eat, what we eat, where we eat and how we pay for it.  Elizabeth has some very important thoughts to share.  Our Taste Test this week is one of the oddest EVER, as Michael tastes some odd colored gooo that’s marketed to kids.  In the travel hour, rapidly unfolding events are making it difficult to plan vacations both here and overseas.  Elizabeth shares some things you need to know about cryptocurrency, and you’ll hear what happened when air airline pilot was pranked by a passenger.

3/25/23: Elizabeth has the latest food & travel news and Server’s Revenge, then you’ll hear of the BIZARRE plan to put masks on cows.  Elizabeth has the story of a new breed of mosquitos hitting the Florida coast, wait, we thought the GMO Mosquito would cut down on those pests.  Our exclusive taste test put five plant-based burgers on the grill to see if any can compete with a real burger.  In the travel hour, our Airline Debacles highlights the story of a flight from Miami to Philly that turned ugly, you’ll hear more about camping in an RV with a cat, and Elizabeth shares the story of how John McAfee urges you to get rid of data stealing apps, and points out who the real culprit is.  Destination Unknown takes us to Fall River, Massachusetts where a BIG Easter Celebration is underway, plus it’s a good example of how people from many cultures, countries, and backgrounds can all live together.

3/18/23:  After Elizabeth’s Food News and Servers Revenge, you’ll hear about the very messy and potentially toxic process involved with making HFCS, and what viruses are involved with creating GMO strawberries.  Our exclusive Taste Test focuses on edible Medical Marijuana chocolates.  In the travel hour, our Airline Debacles tackles the subject of tasers being used to take down citizens.  You’ll hear about RV macerators, and how they can make a nasty job easier.  Elizabeth has some thoughts on why you should get rid of TikTock, how Saudi Arabia is welcoming tourists and her Destination Unknown takes us to the artsy city of La Jolla, California.

3/11/23:  After Elizabeth’s Food News and an epic version of Servers Revenge, you’ll hear TWO big stories this week.  First, Elizabeth has the connection between two of the richest men on the planet and an additive that some are calling a POISON for kids, then you’ll hear how you will eat plankton from the sea and you’ll be happy!  In the travel hour, a United Airlines flight was farced to make an emergency landing after a  passenger assaulted a flight attendant.  In the turmoil of this story, the president of the flight attendant’s union is calling for stun guns to be available on planes as needed.  If you’re traveling and suddenly the US financial system collapses, what will you do?  We’re already seeing reports that American tourists overseas are having financial difficulties when using debit/credit cards.  Finally, Elizabeth takes us to Ft Knox, Kentucky, where we’re told the nation’s gold is secure.

02/25/23:  After Elizabeth’s Food News and Servers Revenge, you’ll hear about how HUMAN cells are being incorporated into lab=grown foods, and about how the industry is blurring the lines difference between Fair Trade and Organic   Since Friday was National Tortilla Chip Day, our taste test focuses on which chip is worthy of your salsa.  In the travel hour, an epic version of Airline Debacles focused on recent mishaps at Cleveland’s Airport, and Elizabeth says there is a growing list of Lithium Battery powered products you should NOT take on a plane, and her Destination Unknown takes us to the National Cannibal Museum.

02/04/23:  After Elizabeth’s Food News and Servers Revenge, you’ll hear how two mysterious fires may have a BIG impact heading into the spring.  Our taste test focuses on Valentine’s Day chocolates.  In the travel hour, after an epic version of Airline Debacles, and Elizabeth shares the story of how the delivery of “power” to your home may change very quickly, how cruise ship employees are being sent out to look for eggs, and her Destination Unknown takes us to New Mexico.

01/28/23:  You’ll hear about the repercussions we’re seeing as one company has a stranglehold on freight trains in America.  Elizabeth has some thoughts on social media crackdowns and just coincidentally, a recipe called AOC Nut Balls.  Our taste test puts the spotlight on Root Beer, and the you’ll hear a follow-up on the search for Flight MH 370.  Our RV Tips and Tales has a BIG tip to get better sound out of your RV, and Elizabeth takes us to Alaska to sit in the 106 degree waters at Chena Hot Springs Resort.

01/21/23:   One of the most important shows you’ll hear.  We give you the TRUTH about the Great Egg Shortage of 2023, what really happened in Davos, and how the FAA Ground Stoppage is being covered up by yet another government fib.  You’ll also hear our Taste Test focusing on potato chips, a Top 10 list of Health Spas in Miami, and Elizabeth takes us to Crested Butte, Colorado for a little Rocky Mountain High.

01/07/23:  First broadcast of 2023.  A lot to cover on the show, including a look at how one unelected federal employee is STOPPING you from seeing the results of an extensive test on fluoride in the drinking water.  You’ll also hear the latest nonsense from the feds on food shortages, and our exclusive taste test settles once and for all which COLA tastes better. In the Travel Hour, more fallout from the Southwest Air Christmas Meltdown, and how one airport treated displaced and stranded travelers.  We share the story about what happened to the brand new travel trailer we purchased in June, and in Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us under the streets of NYC where you’ll find CHEESE!

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