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Do the Lifestyle Diet Reset with Me Day #2

Do the Lifestyle Diet Reset with Me Day #2 – I enjoyed day #1 a lot. Hope you did too!

I like to make this fun for myself, so I do some unconventional things on some days. Today is a day like that.

Every day, I begin with a spoon of iHeartHoney bee pollen. It’s a superfood! I end my day with a probiotic, like a couple spoonfuls of organic sauerkraut, kimchee, or other living probiotic.

Believe it or not, potassium from food (not supplements) at the proper levels is essential to health. Potassium regulates mood, your heart rate and blood pressure and it helps balance your sodium. Your electrolytes depend upon the right amount of potassium.

With that in mind, I eat foods like organic bananas, potatoes and cherries. There are many others too, and I try to incorporate them in mindful eating. You’ll notice this in the daily foods I list here.

Day #2

spud ead


Organic spud tots (weird, right?) but tasty (check portion size)

Hard boiled egg

Mid – morning snack

sliced banana with 1 TB Nutella (there’s a theme here) and 1 TB Greek yogurt


penne pasta

1 cup bowtie or penne pasta (dry measurement)

1 TB chopped Kalamata olives

1 tsp capers

1/4 cup organic tomato sauce

toss all ingredients with 1 tsp olive oil

1 TB grated Romano cheese

(you can quadruple this and make three more meals for lunch)

Mid afternoon snack – Good Pops Orange Cream Pop (dairy free)

Dessert for Dinner – Don’t judge me!

I felt like something sweet, so I blended one cup of lowfat cottage cheese (you could use nonfat Greek yogurt)

2 cups of frozen dark cherries

1 TB iHeartBees honey

2 TB mini semisweet chocolate chips

Blend all except chips in processor, put in freezer- safe container

Wait about 20 minutes … I ate half and saved half. Put half the chips on top.

Healthy… and satisfied my nightly craving for something sweet.

cherry ead

Evening snack – 1 oz of lowfat hard cheese


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