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Podcast of the 11/27/21 Radio Show:  We talk about the drama at grocery stores and how reports of food shortages appear to be self-fulfilling prophecies.  The media reports that there are shortages and urges you to stockpile food.  You go to the store and see emptying shelves and stock up.  Meanwhile, the cameras come back to report on emptying shelves and inflated prices.      We share info about honey, our taste test pits four frozen mashed potatoes against each other.  In our RV Tips segment, we tell you that now is NOT the time to buy an RV.  In Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us to Roswell, New Mexico and we look at what life is like today on cruise chip.


Podcast of the 11/20/21 Radio Show.  Why is the USDA/FDA adopting UN food related standards? A peek at the political appointees paints a disturbing picture.  After a check on news, Elizabeth shares complaints from restaurant workers which seems to focus on the lost art of tipping.  Our taste test pits four ready-to-bake pumpkin pies against each other.  You’ll hear about what happened to a visitor in NYC who couldn’t keep his mouth shut.  Our RV Tips segments focuses on proper lighting.  Elizabeth takes us to a small Bavarian town in Michigan with a BIG heart for Christmas.

Podcast of the 11/13/21 Radio Show.  More data collection tricks from inside a restaurant and a flip to cash only are just a few of the things bothering servers this week. Forget about the lack of berries, did you know your pop tarty thing also includes HFCS and Red Dye 40? Elizabeth noticed the name “Evergreen” on a number of those container ships off the Californian coast. What is Evergreen Shipping? Where is it based? Why would the emptying of those ships be held up? A possible answer has deep international implications.  We put five different boxed Thanksgiving stuffing mixes to the test with shocking results.  Our Destination Unknown takes us to Key West, and you’ll hear about big car auction in small town Indiana.

Podcast of the 11/06/21 Radio Show.  After a recap of food news, you’ll hear about a restaurant owner who fired a kitchen worker suffering from Covid (4:30) Maine residents voted this week to guarantee the rights to food (16:00) China ordered its citizens to stockpile food and what that could mean to us (23:16) our taste test focuses on canned chili with surprising results  (39:56) even more Airline Debacles PLUS a pilot is accused of using the PA system to make a political statement (50:36) how the ownership of an RV park could impact their cancellation policy (1:02:45) you;ll hear about a big-box beauty store that asks WAY too many collection  (1:08:45) Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to a southern city filled with history and charm (1:17:42) and NYC is working hard to reopen by rolling out the red carpet at the Empire State Building (1:26:44)


Podcast of the 10/30/21 Radio Show.  In our Servers Revenge, one restaurant worker talks about ppl who take stuff on the table (6:47) you’ll hear our own graphene oxide test (16:00) are grocers stocking up on American produce to fill the empty shelves  (21:59) Don’t be fooled… Emergency Notifications IS Covid Contact Tracing (32:27) Even MORE freakouts on Airline Debacles (51:07) and Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us two hundred feet below the surface (1:15:32)

Podcast of the 10/23/21 Radio Show. In our Servers Revenge, one hospitality worker says it’s time to quit finger-pointing and get back to work (4:24) You’ll learn about artificial modifications made to an artificial sweetener (12:52) Is the federal government blackmailing us to get jabbed in exchange for full grocery store shelves? (18:52) Our Taste Test features Chicken Sandwiches (27:57) Even MORE freakouts on Airline Debacles (45:21) Why you should think twice about using an away from home wi-fi or signing up for “loyalty clubs” (55:35) Why you MUST double check the insurance coverage on your RV (1:01:36) We visit the Wizard of Oz Museum and compare it Willie Wonka (1:08:23) and we look at some very haunted locations. (1:17:48)

Podcast of the 10/16/21 Radio Show.  In our Servers Revenge, you’ll hear a VERY creative way to quit. (5:24) You’ll learn more about Theragrippers and how a company tried to patent a tomato to deliver meds (11:38) Our Taste Test features looks at several new frozen pizzas (30:17) Even MORE freakouts on Airline Debacles (41:26) Are we about to have a DARK WINTER? (54:56) We visit the Pima Air & Space Museum (1:00:31) we take a trip on Princess Grace’s yacht. (1:07:21) and our Deal of the Week takes us to a very HAUNTED southern city (1:11:53)


Podcast of the 10/9/21 Radio Show from Sanibel Island, Florida.  After the latest food news, a culinary school grad wants to be called “chef” and gets smacked down. (6:44) We had a really ODD restaurant experience and a GREAT one (16:11) What’s Graphene Oxide (G20) and why are they putting it in food, water and jabs? (21:49) Our bizarre taste test features those little packets of sweeteners (39:49) More freakouts on Airline Debacles (51:56) stuff you should NEVER remove from your RV (1:02:36) All about Sanibel and Captiva (1:09:36) and our Destination Unknown takes us to a CREEPY village 30 miles north of NYC (1:19:00)


Podcast of the 10/2/21 Radio Show.  We may have discovered the REAL reason cargo ships are being halted at the Port of LA (4:01) We hear from a restaurant owner (21:58) More holes in the USDA Organic labeling program (31:19) Our taste test focuses on potato tots (39:58) more Airline Debacles (51:04) Lube your RV slide (1:02:57) an Air Force whistleblower says who should be grounded (1:08:58) and our Destination Unknown takes us to the Edgar Allen Poe Museum (1:08:27)

Podcast of  9/25/21 Show – Hour 1:
Elizabeth has the latest food news, then restaurant workers are PISSED about the way they’re being treated.  Our Food Shortages segment focuses on those ships off the California coast.  You’ll learn about experiments to inject vaccine-type material into foods and why this is EXTREMELY dangerous.  Finally, we have some Restaurant Pet Peeves to share.

Podcast of  9/25/21 Show – Hour 2:

Elizabeth has more frustrating airline news and stories of airline passengers acting up. You’ll learn how NOT to get screwed over when buying an RV. Our Destination Unknown takes us to an international capitol city without fences (Moscow, Russian) and we visit Wigwam, Arizona.

Podcast of  9/18/21 Show – Hour 1:  After a rundown of the latest food news, restaurant workers speak out about YOU. (and the people they work for)  We hear what happens when a WalMart employee uses the in-store intercom to quit. You’ll hear about JABS that cows are getting, and how the USDA is LYING to you about the country of origin when it comes to beef. Finally, we taste test Blue Cheese Dips and even though we kind of picked a winner, how ALL of them come up short!

Podcast of  9/18/21 Show – Hour 2:  The latest travel news isn’t all that great, but we bring it to you.  Then, more airline freak outs and what you can do to dress up your RV.  Our Destination Unknown takes us to Ft. Worth, home of the most HORRIBLE haunted house in America!  Our Deal of the Week takes us to The Poconos, and the head of a cruise company is whining about not getting federal money.

Patriot’s Day 2021 and on this 20th Anniversary of the events of 9/11, we remember. Restaurant workers are angry, we visit Kentucky Horse Park and take a trip to Jamaica. Elizabeth has info about Gellan Gum and how the govt is playing games with economic numbers. We talk about crafty ways food processors are hiding shrinkflation, the importance of exercising your RV’s generator and our taste test puts a LOT of peppery heat on Michael’s tongue.

Labor Day Weekend 2021. Restaurant workers are angry, the term “Genetically Modified Organism” has been dumbed down again (now being called “a novel food”), farmers are destroying their crops and our taste test involves Vienna Sausage. In Hour Two, Four Things you MUST Know About Your RV, an interview with the CEO of RV Share and Destination Unknown takes us to the New Hampshire Farm Museum.

Listen to the LIVE feed of the show Saturday mornings at 8am ET and replays all week on Food and Travel Nation Radio

Elizabeth has a LOT to share this week about the lack of TRUTH.  A restaurant worker tells on her boss who is stealing  (9:58) Australian truckers are PISSED!  (13:48) As if folks in Michigan don’t have enough problems with water, here’s another BIG one (22:28) protein shake taste test (33:33)  Airline Debacles (46:16), RV AC/Fridge tips (54:37) Destination Unknown takes us to a dental / breastfeeding museum  (1:05:13)

Restaurant workers are VERY unhappy about working conditions (8:28) Are grocers hiding food shortages (14:20) There are TOXIC elements in vitamins (20:18) Frozen pizza taste test (35:22)  More “Airline Debacles” as people misbehave on planes (45:35), don’t run around NAKED in your RV (54:43) Destination Unknown takes us to the LDS Polygamy Museum in Salt Lake City (1:04:31)

How close are we to Soylent Green (19:26) Our BIGGEST Taste Test ever – cheeseburgers! (24:18)  What’s used to make those prepackaged hard boiled eggs (35:17), airline debacles and medical conditions (49:18), how NOT to handle your RV’s sewer line (56:40) you’ll meet one of the geniuses behind Nomad Internet (1:01:20), our Destination Unknown takes us to a CREEPY hotel in Colorado (1:11:49)  Deal of the Week – St. Augustine, Florida. (1:16:44)

California’s upcoming pork shortage (13:03) Cloned Meat and Milk? (19:02)  Glyphosate is removed from the market (25:15), we taste test Blueberry Greek Yogurt (34:35), boondocking at WalMart (54:28), Destination Unknown take us to a corner in Winslow, Arizona (1:05:46) a cruise line passenger gets left behind in Mexico (1:10:29), and our Deal of the Week includes a historic hotel along old Route 66. (1:15:52)

Do campaign contributions impact the foods you eat?  We “follow the money” with a guest who helps paint the picture (20:47).  We taste test breakfast sausage (37:27),  you’ll hear what emergency tools to keep in your RV (57:50), signs you’re in a bad hotel (1:02:20), Destination Unknown take us to Nevada (1:09:37) you’ll hear about NUDE cruising (1:14:13), and our Deal of the Week take us to a cannabis friendly B&B (1:18:08)

Would you be concerned if America’s biggest nemesis was buying up our agricultural farmland?  You should be! (14:33) Two states are considering legislation that could impact food supplies that you need to know about.  BTW Wisconsin’s proposal is VERY troubling!  We taste test iced tea, you’ll hear about a museum dedicated to clowns, and how to keep flying bugs away from your RV this summer.

Those plant-based “meats” are just as nutritious as real meat, right?  WRONG!  Our guest says the fake stuff is NOT “nutritionally interchangeable” and you show know what you’re eating. (22:47)  We talk about the Anthony Bordain documentary (1:08:45) , our Destination Unknown takes us to a gallery inside Yosemite (1:18:50) and our Deal of the Week focuses on a trip to the dessert of Arizona. (1:26:45)

Are GMO foods on the market ILLEGALLY and in VIOLATION of the FDA’s own rules?  Our expert says YES! (35:02) You’ll also hear about whether a new mom with varicose veins can sue her employer, how Boston high school students stood up on a plane and said NO MASKS, what vehicles are the best to tow behind your RV and our Destination Unknown takes us to Woodstock (1:09:19).

Independence Day 2021!  While there’s so much to be thankful for, there’s a LOT of work to be done to fulfill the vision of the founders.  On this episode, you’ll hear about a place in West Virginia where cell phones are forbidden as researchers search the heavens for radio transmissions. You’ll hear about a pig farmer who lost his entire business and how it could impact YOUR ability to start a family.  Our taste test focuses on non-alcoholic beer and you’ll learn what NOT to pack in your RV.

What a show! You’ll hear about: “magnetic meat” and what that could mean for you; British pilots who are suddenly dying; what an EMP attack would do to our fragile food supply; prepping your RV for summer travel; how cruise ships are treating Florida passengers; and our deal of the week takes us to CHICAGO.

TIPS! In our Server’s Revenge segment (6:06) you’ll learn why restaurants are having a hard time hiring people and it’s because of WHO gets the tip money. Water shortages (caused by Mexico’s lack of compliance with a water treaty) is to blame for cattle sell-offs. You’ll hear about how to find a rental car and several security breaches at US airports and how to keep your RV on the road.

Podcast of the nationally-syndicated radio show. We cover the recent food shortages and the Top 10 most needed foods to keep on hand at all times. Restaurant workers speak out about YOU in our “Server’s Revenge”, plus how the organic food label is being undermined. In hour 2 we cover travel issues, including “Airline Debacles” where a international flight was disrupted and what tools to carry in your RV at all times. You’ll hear about a VERY thought-provoking place in Georgia In our “Destination Unknown” segment and how NOT to lose money when exchanging currencies.

So here’s yet ANOTHER example of the government hiding information from us. (19:27) In May of 2013, we talked about how the genes of a tobacco plant were being inserted into a pineapple. What little information about the pink pineapple that once was available on the government websites is now GONE! Also in the show, our Destination Unknown takes us to Matchstick Marvels in Iowa. Heading in Memorial Day weekend we taste test BBQ sauce, and in our Airline Debacles (50:00) you’ll hear how a Jet Blue flight attendant properly handled communicating a delicate situation with passengers.

A deep dive this week into the lies about sugar… it’s NOT the stuff we grew up with as kids! You’ll hear more about food shortages and what you need to stock up on. Our “Destination Unknown” takes us overseas, our “RV Tips and Tales” includes a warning regarding RV purchases, and our “Deal of the Week” takes us to Arizona and an old west glamping site.

Tom Vilsack is back as Secretary of Agriculture and we’re asking some serious questions about the validity of the USDA Organic label. Last week we talked about food shortages this summer, on this episode we followed up with MUST HAVES for your emergency pantry. You’ll hear another set of Grocery Pet Peeves including RISING food prices, our Taste Test involves raisin bran cereal, our Destination Unknown takes us to Marrakesh and our Deal of the Week focuses on Myrtle Beach.

This episode begs you to ask questions. Why are there food shortages again this summer? Is there a connection between the C-19 vaccines and a very odd medical condition called Morgellons Disease? How is it possible that John Hopkins Hospital had the C-19 tracking software already in place at the beginning of the pandemic? Why did the CDC shut down the entire cruise industry yet the airlines allowed to fly? Our Destination Unknown takes us to Los Angeles’ very creepy Museum of Death and our Deal of the Week travels north to Alaska.

Clearly, Americans are tired of being told what to do, where to do it and when to do so. You can hear it in the news and in our features this week. You’ll learn about bees, and how the university system is covering for a private industry gone amuck. Our taste test segment, featured baby food and if you if you love WWII history, you’ll want to check out Destination Unknown.

Now more than ever, “country of origin” should be the first thing you look for when buying groceries. We cover some very serious threats to our food supply that you need to know. Our “Destination Unknown” takes us to a set of stairs in San Francisco. You’ll hear how three US Senators are joining Florida’s Governor in demanding the CDC allow cruising again, and we share a personal story (nightmare) about trying to secure a rental car.

Instead of bursting with spring-like optimism, this episode is urging caution all the way around right now. You’ll hear what happened when we asked for the “product insert” for one of the vaccines. We talk about the phosphate mess being cleaned up just south of Tampa Bay, and we revisit the topic of fluoride in the drinking water. Our “Destination Unknown” takes us to some seriously scary places in Pennsylvania. You hear how an out-of-control airline employee went after a cancer survivor, and how the Governor of Florida was bounced off of You Tube for telling the truth.

Download and listen as this show will make you go WOW! Fetal cells are being used in the food supply and the government allows it. Elizabeth covers; travel passports and jabs, what the Frontline Doctors say about restrictions, our “Deal of the Week” looks at spring break, how-to keep pests out of your RV, our “Destination Unknown” takes us to Waco, and in our “Taste Test” you’ll hear Michael sample Irish Whiskey.

So what are the FACTS about masks and the on-going mask mandates? What are the facts about the vaccines ? We dig into facts, not opinions, as both topics are impacting the hospitality industry right now. You’ll hear about a historical museum where vital information has been removed, we taste test chocolate/nut butter cups, and we share what we learned about propane in the RV. THIS is a show to share with your friends and family.

Congress passed a bill that FINALLY tells consumers whether their food have been genetically modified! Sound great, right? It was written by the food processing industry and it’s WORTHLESS! It’s so bad that Center For Food Safety has filed a lawsuit against the government. We’ll talk to one of the lawyers handling the case. (At the 20:25 mark) We visit a place where plants eat flesh, you’ll hear what not to flush in an RV toilet, our Deal of the Week takes us to Ireland for St. Patty’s Day, and our taste test involves vodka.

Elizabeth opened up with an epic monologue looking at all angles of the Texas winter storm that left millions without power. You’ll also learn about the rollout of anti-viral sprays, RV Horror Stories, Cancun is our Deal of the Week and Elizabeth’s Destination Unknown takes us to the various sites where you can learn about The Manhattan Project.

No one likes to hear “I told ya so!” but we told you so. A lawsuit has been filed against the FDA for the release of “impossible burgers” because tests show nasty side effects in rats. We warned you of this in August 2019. You’ll hear our exclusive interview. It was Elizabeth’s birthday week, so Michael kinda hosted the show but Elizabeth just couldn’t relax. We taste tested vinegar, and we travel to Michigan for Destination Unknown.

It’s the weekend of “The Big Game” and we talk about food/travel destinations in both Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Is it stealing if a server keeps $$$ left behind after a child’s birthday party? We discuss. “Big Game” trivia revolves around the latest govt edicts, we highlight a very creepy tour in Destination Unknown, KC is our Deal of the Week, and from the archives, you’ll hear Michael try the hottest soup in Tampa Bay.

Our first live broadcast from the motor coach and we have some stories to tell. You’ll hear about the amazing horse ranches in North Central Florida and our Destination Unknown takes us out into the Gulf of Mexico. We talk about how food manufacturers are shortchanging you and secretly raising their prices while maximizing their profits. Our Deal of the Week focuses on “The Big D” and we try tortilla chips in the Taste Test.

So… the government is declassifying information about Unidentified Ariel Phenomena (formerly known as UFOs) so this show has a “space” theme. We talked to NASA about the food and drinks that go up in space, and in our “Destination Unknown” you’ll learn how scientists are planning to build an elevator to the moon. Plus, Restaurant Pet Peeves, Server’s Revenge, we visit Puerto Rico, and why you should think carefully before buying travel insurance.

In a word, WEIRD! Every segment of this show had some weird element to it. Destination Unknown, weird, Recipe segment, weird. Top 10 list, WEIRD. You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

First show of 2021.  This show continues to stand with small businesses across the country, especially in the hospitality industry.  You’ll hear restaurant workers speak out, a recap of the ODDEST mishmash foods of 2020, and our Destination Unknown takes us to a VERY odd museum in San Diego.

This episode will go down as one of the most memorable. In hour one, you’ll meet a former Vermont dairy farmer who’s speaking out about all that’s wrong with that industry right now. In hour two, you’ll hear two new features on the show this week: “Airline Debacles” and “Destination Unknown.” Frozen Mac and Cheese is in our taste test spotlight and you’ll hear 8 things you need to know when staying in a hotel and camping.

After the news update, we tell you about how an old, unaddressed medical issue turned into a major heart attack for Michael this week. We are making the personal decision to use healthy, well-targeted food to heal the body, rather than gobbling down pills. We share our last update on the chickens, you’ll hear how people around the world gather for Christmas dinner, and you’ll hear about how the food processors use inorganic products in the organic food supply and the government is letting them get away with it. In the travel hour, you’ll hear how traveling in 2021 will change, how a “false positive” test result ruined vacation plans and how to save a ton of money when you travel. Listen to the LIVE feed of the show every Saturday morning at 8am ET with replays all week on

As we leave 2020 and head into 2021, what lies ahead? Since the beginning of the year, we’ve watched as freedoms guaranteed by The Constitution are taken. We saw a small glimpse of what happens when supply chains are interrupted. Are you ready for additional lockdowns and food shortages? Is it all really necessary? In addition to all the regular show features, Elizabeth shares the details from an Italian study that further suggests we’ve been lied to on a massive scale. You’ll hear what happened when Italian forensic experts looked at those who were deemed to be Covid 19 victims.

A new study that came out this month paints a very different picture about the pandemic. Link in on right now! You’ll also hear the latest food and travel news, our Destination Unknown takes us to Arizona where a mountain may hold a big secret. We taste test fast food coffee, and you’ll hear the top ten Christmas shopping destinations for 2020.

As it pertains to the hospitality industry, Elizabeth shows how the Covid-19 tests are faulty and it’s costing people their jobs and businesses. You’ll hear about Pennsylvania’s wacky Thanksgiving restrictions, we taste test Pumpkin Pie, our Destination Unknown takes us to Ft. Myers, and you’ll hear how to spot an American travelling in a foreign country.

Elizabeth opens with an impassioned monologue about why people come to America. Then, as more restaurants add “impossible meats” to their menu and you’ll seeing in the the grocery stores, how safe is the stuff? We spoke with an expert who urges you NOT to eat it and he explains why. You’ll also hear about a secret room behind Lincoln’s head on Mt. Rushmore, how stress actually changes the DNA in chickens, and we mock and ridicule Cal Gov Newsome’s Thanksgiving mandate. Plus, we taste test HOT PEPPERS!

Finally… the TRUTH about Masks! Elizabeth shares a cited medical study with eye-opening FACTS about how wearing a mask (at 1:10:00 mark) can be detrimental to your health! Our Destination Unknown takes us to a formerly hidden government hideout. Mustard is on our test test menu. We travel to Tahiti, and you’ll learn how a chicken can morph into a rooster.

Happy Halloween 2020! People are ready to get out and have FUN and we’re here to help. You’ll learn why too much SALT is so bad for you, we feature HONEY in our taste test, you’ll hear about sailing to Puerto Rico, and If you like gold, you’ll love our “Destination Unknown.” Michael came up with the most STUPID Top 10 List EVER, and we have a chicken update for you.

A BUSY show! A week before Halloween 2020, you’ll hear a list of the MOST popular candy in your area. Three of our four chickens are laying fresh eggs daily, and Elizabeth has figured out WHY Mary Kate (the chicken) is not delivering. You’ll meet Nicky Coachman-Robinson, founder of Kwaya Cellars, a trailblazer in the organic wine industry. Our “Destination Unknown” takes us to Memphis and Elvis’s Graceland Mansion and you’ll hear how to find groceries when you’re on the road. In our “Deal of the Week” you’ll hear about a luxury hotel on Florida’s west coast.

We’re helping you gear up for Halloween 2020! On this episode you’ll hear: two very haunted destinations (one we experienced first-hand), what costumes NOT to wear, and how a town called “Santa Claus” celebrates Halloween. Plus, updates on our chickens, cruise tips if you’re heading to the Caribbean and why you should be concerned about those non-GMO labels. In our taste test this week, Michael tries German beers!

This is show filled with strange twists! Restaurant servers are coming unhinged, our chickens are displaying VERY odd behavior, and you’ll hear ANOTHER LIE coming from the USDA. Elizabeth tests organic chocolate bars and we speak with the CEO of Our Destination Unknown takes us to a Presidential Library that’s out of this word, and you’ll hear how you can rent a yacht for a luxury vacation.

We call out a grocer that’s blurring the definitions of “organic” and “fair trade” and their labeling of produce is deceptive. You’ll hear complaints from grocery and hospitality workers, whether to heat your chicken coop, raisin bran gets taste tested, we look at prohibition-era speakeasy establishments that are still in business, and our “Destination Unknown” takes us to see the bats in Austin, TX.

An update on the latest food news, then Elizabeth tells the “Chicken Wrangling” story. Hear the experts explain GMOs and we share a food product that is NOT modified. We taste test those high protein bars and Elizabeth takes us to a vacation destination in Georgia with a explosive secret. Plus, you’ll also hear about the best time to cruise to Alaska, and what is NOT being cleaned at an airport.

A very busy show! After the latest food news, Elizabeth questions whether one of our chickens may actually be a rooster. We’ll tell you about a virtual wine testing, how sugar cane is being genetically modified, we taste test frozen pizza and Elizabeth takes us to an amazing oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert. You’ll also hear about how the cruise line industry is coming back and a story about how Michael’s shoes went right out the window at a luxury Puerto Rican hotel.

We spotlight another BIG company using the Covid 19 “crisis” as a cloak to do something they’d NEVER do on their own. You’ll learn ALL about how the feds are hiding critical info about what’s in our food. Our Taste Test explores ketchup, plus we look at places to go to see the leaves change and BIZZARE items seized by TSA agents at airports around the country. Oh yeah, Elizabeth gets VERY fired up when the government hides stuff from her.

It’s Labor Day weekend 2020 and it’s time to travel! (and eat) We’ve got you covered. You’ll hear some irate hospitality workers in Server’s Revenge. Farmer Mike tries to explain how a chicken lays an egg. We look at canola oil, and how the food industry is LYING right through its teeth about this stuff. In hour 2, you’ll hear more Airline Debacles, fun things to do in your own backyard, and a look at some overlooked events in September.

While the language is coarse, you’ll hear about a father who steps up to protect his son when a restaurant goes too far. We cover all the things you need to know when you travel and terrific, healthy foods you can make when the power goes out. Our taste test focuses on frozen burritos and Michael gets in trouble for writing on the burritos with a Sharpie. In Destination Unknown, all kids LOVE the circus and you’ll learn about an odd place where those amazing acts retire to after their performing days are over.

Clearly, Americans are tired of being told what to do, where to do it and when to do so. You can hear it in the news and in our features this week. You’ll learn about bees, and how the university system is covering for a private industry gone amuck. Our taste test segment, featured baby food and if you if you love WWII history, you’ll want to check out Destination Unknown.

So after the very odd show last week, Food Nation Radio is back on it’s game. Server’s Revenge featured restaurant employees who are pissed at customers. We shared how K-12 schools (that opened) are handling school lunches for their students. Our guest interview focused on a guest that didn’t want to talk. Our taste test segment, featured lunchbox goodies and if you if you love to travel and knock back an adult beverage (or more) check out Destination Unknown.

From the opening music to the closing, this will go down as one of the oddest shows ever. Server’s Revenge was filled with complaints about restaurant cleanliness. Our “Top Ten at 35” featured what NOT to purchase at a Farmer’s Market, and listeners are sending Elizabeth email about how they’re abused by the airline industry. You’ll hear how one cheddar cheese stands tall above the other and if you love pistachios, you’ll love Destination Unknown.

In hour one, you’ll hear how one very popular breakfast food can be very UNhealthy. Our Food Nation Radio Taste Test, we try fast food French Fries and the winner will surprise you! In hour two, in our “Airline Debacle” segment, people are speaking out about their treatment at the hands of the airlines. We countdown the Top 5 Doggie Vacation & Spas in America, as well as the Top 10 VERY UNUSUAL health spas in the world! In our “Destination Unknown,” Elizabeth takes us to the

In hour one, you’ll meet a PhD who created a essential amino acid that the body needs that helps reduce inflammation AND is a natural sweetener. Try it for yourself at  Food Nation Radio Taste Test is delicious as we try Tortilla Chips! In hour two, our “Airline Debacle” segment features people are speaking out about their treatment at the hands of the airlines. We countdown the Top 5 Breakfast locations in America, as well as the Top 10 NUDE Beaches! Our “Destination Unknown,” Elizabeth takes us to the world famous Mustard Museum.

This episode will go down as one of the most memorable. In hour one, you’ll meet a Vermont dairy farmer… a former dairy farmer who is speaking out about all that’s wrong with that industry right now. In hour two, you’ll hear two new features on the show this week: “Airline Debacles” and “Destination Unknown.” Frozen Mac and Cheese is in our taste test spotlight and you’ll hear 8 things you need to know when staying in a hotel and camping.

After the Food News of the Week, Michael described how, now raising chickens, is causing him to re-think eating chicken… immediately followed by the recipe segment which focused on CHICKEN! You’ll meet Dr. Joel Brind PhD who developed Sweetamine, an anti-inflammatory supplement that can be used as a sweetener. Reducing inflammation has been shown to reverse a number of conditions as we age. Available at: While restaurants, hotels and car rental businesses are slowly reopening, one industry just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of customer satisfaction… the airlines. NO ONE is happy with them right now and we’re covering the story. In our taste test segment: chocolate covered ice cream bars.

While every other show on the radio was a so-called “best of” on this July 4th weekend, Food Nation Radio came through with fresh content as we always do! You’ll hear the latest food and travel news, an amazingly easy recipe for marinated skirt steak that takes five minutes to cook, we take a trip on Route 66, you, hear how there ARE differences in bottled water, plus an update on our chickens and what veggies you can grow from scraps. Let’s Eat! “We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the 4th of July and you will once again be fighting for our freedom not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution but from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist, and should we win today the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday but is the day when the world declared in one voice, that we will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We’re going to live on. We’re going to survive. Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

We’re Americans! We will not tolerate elitist elected officials (our employees) taking it upon themselves to tell us when and where we can travel and eat! It didn’t happen in the past, we’re ignoring it now, and our resolve will only grow. That said, this show also carried the message of self-sufficiency and you’ll learn more about growing your own food and even chickens. In the travel segments, we talk about traveling to the western US and in our taste testing segment, Beef Jerky from our newest sponsor,

Our 10th Anniversary Show! (First broadcast was 6/19/2010) How to make your own yogurt and yeast. (and recipes you can make with them) Plus, hospitality workers speak out about you, an update from inside the greenhouse, we introduce you to Katrina Frey of Frey Organic Vineyards, a visit to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and we Taste Test commercially bottled Iced Tea! New show every Saturday morning at 8am (ET) Listen to the broadcast at: Food Nation

The show opens with an epic rant aimed at the bureaucrats whose incompetence has led to the crushing blow delivered to the restaurant and hospitality industries. You’ll hear how both are recovering. Cookies are spotlighted in our recipe segment. You’ll learn what Paleo and Keto diets do to your brain. We update you on our baby chicks. And in our “Servers Revenge” segment, restaurant workers speak out about YOU!

Food Nation Radio with Elizabeth Dougherty is back. The show is now distributed/syndicated across the country each week. Catch the LIVE feed Saturday Mornings 8am-10am. (ET) On this episode, an epidemiologist gives us an update on what restaurants can expect as they slowly reopen after the C-19 pandemic. In a new travel segment, what the airline and cruise ship industries must do to attract customers back. Plus, restaurant servers speak out about you (think of it as a reversed yelp!) and on our taste test segment, Michael gets fed chocolates.


About elizabethd

Elizabeth Dougherty has been cooking and writing about food intensively for more than ten years. She is the fourth generation of chefs and gourmet grocers in her family with her mother, Francesca Esposito and grandmother, Carmella being major influences in her early cooking years. As a teenager, her family sent her to Europe where she became focused on French and Italian cuisine. She survived a year and half of culinary tutelage under a maniacal Swiss-German chef and is a graduate of NYIT, Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Business and Labor Relations. Food Nation Radio has won two news awards for content. Broadcasting LIVE each week, nationwide, on and stations around the country.

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