FINALLY – Clean Air Inside Your RV, Don’t travel without these!

FINALLY – Clean Air Inside Your RV

On Food and Travel Nation, we talk about RV’s on the show every week because it’s the only way to travel!  It’s a great way to spend time with your family and every trip is an adventure.  But there’s a big problem that most people are just not aware of… and that’s dirty air.  Our homes are equipped with very efficient air conditioning filters that trap dust, mold, pet dander, and even viruses.  RVs however, come equipped from the factory with either a flimsy AC “screen” that has to be washed constantly, or those foam filters that look like Swiss cheese and don’t really capture anything.

RV Air captures and hold dust, pollen, mold, and even viruses.
Look at what RVAir captured after 45 days of continuous use.

In December, we purchased a pre-owned RV that still had the original factory filters.  I rinsed them per the manufacture’s instructions, but even afterwards, the air just didn’t seem clean.  Springtime in Florida can be very dry and dusty, so I knew we had to find something better, that’s when we discovered RV Air.  Almost immediately the air inside the RV was cleaner. After 45 days, the RV Air filter had trapped an amazing amount of dust particles that otherwise would have wound up inside our lungs.  See for yourself.

We were SO impressed with RV Air that we reached out Eddie and Rose Rice, the owners of RVAir

Now, we’re happy to endorse them.  Don’t hesitate. Measure the size filter you need and buy an RVAir filter today!  For your summer trip, we’d suggest you purchase two (for each a/c)!  Install one now, and have the second one on hand to keep the air inside your RV clean.


Don’t wait, get a real AC filter from

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