Shopping Cart – Post Covid-19

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Shopping Cart – Post Covid-19

It’s a certainty that some of the measures implemented at large grocery stores and big-box retailers during the pandemic will stick around for awhile.  While smaller family-owned retailers, the backbone of our economy pre-Covid 19 were forced to close, big retailers were given permission to stay open under certain conditions and we expect their heavy-handed attitude to continue long after the virus disappears.  Look for an even bigger push by retailers (and banks) to move away from the use of debit cards for point of sale purchases in favor of pay-as-you-go apps on your cellphone.  In other words, a move towards a cashless society.  You know those stickers on the floor at grocery stores indicating one way aisles? They may indeed become permanent.  Forcing traffic in one direction or another also conveniently (for the stores) allows for more strategic placement of in-store cameras watching for theft.  Reducing store hours has reduced wages paid out and reduced the size of the staff needed to run those big stores.  Don’t be surprised to see retailers cutting back on the number of their outlets that are open 24/7.  The big pharmacies have already done this, leaving only certain stores in a geographical area open, while closing the rest.

What happens now? Shopping Cart – Post Covid-19

At least for the short term, there will be shortages of certain types of foods, especially meats.  Use this as an opportunity to meet your local butcher and/or establish a relationship with the mail order meat services.  Same too with groceries in general.  In the pre-Covid 19 world, grocery delivery services have only had moderate success.  Shoppers, terrified of going out in public during the past three months, has given the food delivery service a huge boost.  It’s just a matter of time before Amazon for example, which already owns Whole Foods market announces a full-blown grocery delivery service.

We’ve learned a lot  too.  Running down to a restaurant was forbidden. Therefore, many of us have rediscovered the ability to feed ourselves from our own kitchens.  Food Nation Radio is ready to help.  Our cooking videos show how with a few cooking tricks and a good recipe you can enjoy a good home cooked meal.

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