Wednesday, July 15 2020

Hot Cocoa for a Cold Day

There are TWO ways to make hot cocoa.

1) You can open up one of those preservative-packed foil pouches that were filled months ago (or maybe even years ago) pour it into a cup, add milk, nuke it for a minute and you have a perfectly horrible, chemical laden cup of yuck!


2) You can make it the way we do here at Food Nation Radio… with real ingredients and it’s TERRIFIC!  This is SO simple, even a lowly radio producer with minimal kitchen skills can do this.

I made this recipe (and video) for Elizabeth who’s been under the weather with a cold.  Here’s our YouTube video showing just how easy this is to make.  While you’re watching, hit the SUBSCRIBE button.

2 TBSP of raw organic cocoa powder
2 TBSP of raw organic sugar (you should NEVER buy regular table sugar!)
1 pinch of salt (we used Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for the extra nutrients)
1 Cup plus 2 TBSP of Organic Whole Milk.  (don’t use skim or low-fat milk, it’s flavorless and watery)

Place the cocoa powder, sugar, salt and 2 TBSP of milk in a small saucepan and whisk it till all the dry ingredients are absorbed into the milk. You DON’T want any lumps in that raw cocoa powder because if it tastes horrible.  Trust me on this! It should take about 30 seconds to whisk it all together.  At this point it will have the appearance and consistency of dark fudge but don’t be tempted to taste it or your blood sugar will spike and you’ll get dizzy.  Trust me on this too.  Now, add the remaining cup of milk and start whisking again for another minute till everything is all mixed.   Turn on the stove to the low-medium setting and you want it to get nice and warm without boiling. If it boils, you’ll lose some of the richness of the milk and it’ll leave a nasty mess on the bottom of the saucepan.  Pour into an American-made coffee cup and serve.

Serving size:  One cup.

I think it goes without saying but if you want two servings, double the recipe.  If you want three, triple it.


Michael Serio
Executive Producer


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