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For Justina

Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase that means “first, do no harm.”

The doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital seem to have lost sight of a lesson that is as old as the medical profession itself.

As we transition to The Dougherty Report, we’ve learned of a situation in Boston that is disturbing and should be alarming to every parent.  Ten months ago, a 15- year-old girl was removed from the custody of her parents and is being held at Boston Children’s Hospital.  It’s Christmas Day, and instead of this child being free to enjoy the day with her family, she’s under the constant surveillance of hospital personnel.

CLICK HERE to hear what I had to say about the situation as she spends Christmas Day 2013 locked away in the hospital.

Attorney/author Beth Allison Maloney recently appeared on the show to describe how this child was removed from her parents and is now among a group of five children in the same situation at the same hospital over the last eighteen months.

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