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Guest: Prof Peter Fitzgerald – How Non GMO Activists Have Mischaracterized TTIP

This week on Food Nation Radio Network we talked with Professor Peter Fitzgerald from Stetson University College of Law about the European trade agreement and GMOs.

Separate fact from fiction by listening to this:

Professor Fitzgerald’s bio from the Stetson Law site:

As a specialist in domestic and international commercial law and policy, with an additional interest in animal law, Professor Fitzgerald’s newest book is International Issues in Animal Law. Additionally, he has co-authored four other books and written numerous articles addressing international business transactions and trade relations. He appeared before the congressionally created Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Assets Control, and was invited to provide evidence to both the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s Ad Hoc Working Group on Legal Safeguards and Targeted Sanctions, and to the British House of Lords’ Economic Affairs Committee’s Inquiry into the Impact of Economic Sanctions. Additionally, the U.S. Trade Representative appointed Professor Fitzgerald to the NAFTA Bi-national Chapter 19 Panel Roster, and he served as an arbitral judge on two separate international dispute resolution panels established under the NAFTA agreement.

Professor Fitzgerald has taught at the University of Edinburgh School of Law, and has also taught courses at the George Washington University Law School in Washington D.C.; the Scandinavian/Baltic Institute on Emerging Markets and Transitional Democracies summer program in Tallinn, Estonia; and the Innsbruck Institute on World Legal Problems summer program in Austria. Additionally, he has lectured at Cambridge University’s Centre for Animal Welfare and Anthrozoology in the Department of Veterinary Medicine, as well as at the Scottish Agricultural College. At Stetson, he is a recipient of the “Golden Apple” Teaching Award, the Homer and Dolly Hand Award for Excellence in Faculty Scholarship, and the Outstanding Faculty Service Award.

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