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“Nutritionally Enhanced Organisms”-The Rebranding Of GMOs-Audio

Genetically modified organism sounds so ominous these days, doesn’t it? What with insecticide inside some GM crops, and the ability to spray weed killer on them all day long without damaging them, it hasn’t been very good PR for companies like Monsanto.

Citizens across the United States are in favor of labeling these crops so they know what they are buying and taking home to their families.

Corporations, with all their political contributions, scare tactics and other means have been unsuccessful in duping the public into thinking these foods are safe to consume.

A change must be made.

What if…we put something beneficial inside these crops like more beta carotene, lycopene or other nutrients? We could continue to put all the other genes in there that allow us to keep our insecticides and weed-resistant crops in place, all in the name of…nutrition.

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