Why Is Raw Milk Singled Out From Other Raw Foods We Eat?

Got milk?

Sure, if that’s what you want to call it. A glass of milk today is virtually unrecognizable from the milk people consumed in the mid-1800s. Today’s version is pasteurized to kill any possible microbes and toxins, and affects flavor, vitamins and amino acids. Hormones are given to some dairy cows to increase the yield of milk, which, some say, are causing our children to grow faster and larger, physically maturing sooner than ever before. In a European study published last year, 20 different chemicals were found in the average glass of milk, including antibiotics and painkillers.

Proponents of raw milk say they prefer the cow’s milk they consume to be in a more natural state and believe the risks are minimal when purchasing from responsible dairy farms. They believe their children have less milk allergies and less childhood health issues when they drink raw milk, compared to its chemical-laden counterpart.

Food Nation Radio Network asked the FDA about their policy on raw milk sales and consumption. They referred us to their website which clearly states the agency does not believe the consumption of raw milk is safe and can contain dangerous pathogens such as staph, salmonella, E. coli and listeria. To date, 30 states allow raw milk sales and consumption within their state and 20 do not. The FDA prohibits commercial sales of raw milk across interstate lines. All of the information on the site begs one question.

Why do we serve any raw foods at all in this country?

Sushi, oysters, steak tartare, carpaccio, chocolate mousse and many more dishes seen in restaurants every day all contain raw ingredients that carry the very same health risks cited by the FDA about raw milk. Why are all of these allowed to be served (with a warning) to consumers, yet raw milk is not?

Recently we interviewed a mom who regularly purchased milk from an Amish farmer for six years. She tells a story I never thought I’d hear in America, of armed agents storming into a dairy farm in rural Pennsylvania. Listen to this unbelievable story here: Raw Milk & The FDA


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